What you Should REALLY Have in Your Bag

Women love to carry around their essentials in that legendary bag. Your purse serves more than just a fashion statement. It holds all your important things that you may need throughout the day. Then again, there is a limit to what you can carry and more often than not you find your purse to be burdened with things that are not important at all. So, here are 5 things that your bag should ‘Really’ have.


Vaseline is actually God’s gift to humans. It’s not only great as a skin moisturizer, you can also put it to use on your lip area instead of a Chap Stick. Additionally, it could be applied to the front of your teeth to avoid lipstick from getting on them and sticking there. The great thing is that it comes in mini sizes too–perfect to carry around in your bag.

Spare napkins

Extra napkins are a must. You never know when you need some to cover a regrettable situation: an awful spell of allergic symptoms, a spilled drink at the club, or even an exasperatingly hot day that causes unpleasant levels of body sweating. Another option is to carry baby wipes that can give you an instant cleanse whenever you need it.

Lipstick (Maybe Two)

Sure, it’s common knowledge that you should carry your personal color lipstick in your purse. Nevertheless, you never know when you will have to spark up your look quickly. The simplest way to do it? With a completely different lipstick color.

A tiny spray bottle of perfume

Whats in my bag

Roll-on, test vials, a minuscule spray container, an atomizer: Whatever you like, keeping a bottle of your signature scent on you all the time is crucial since scents diminish during the day.

Floss and mints!

The majority of us eat three meals every day, so it is key to always have some dental care floss when brushing is out of the question. Carry some in your purse and floss after eating and prior to going out. Don’t just do it for cosmetic reasons, research shows flossing is wonderful for your current health.

A toenail clipper

You never know whenever a hangnail will strike, and they are the most irritating (and unattractive) things ever before. Carry a little set of toe nail clippers in your wallet to immediately fight the pesky occurrences. You can also pair them with a couple of mini scissors in the event that you face a loose thread or anything of this sort.

A mobile charger

This will go without expressing, but at times we all have found ourselves out after work and then looking down to see that our phone battery is already right down to the last percent. Nobody would like to be the one girl who can’t take an Instagram image because her battery pack is dead!

All of these things are some of the must haves on a daily basis. The good thing is that all of them are small and hardly take up any space at all. This leaves quite a bit of space for you to add in any other items that you wish. Furnish your purse with necessities. All of the things mentioned above are items of daily use and are sure to help you throughout your day.