2017 is about to end, and it has been an incredible year so far for Pakistani drama and film industry. We saw many new movie releases and fabulous dramas this year.

We have for you a list of dramas that broke all records and were the most interesting ones this year. Let’s see if your favourite drama made it to the list.

5. Woh Aik Pal

pakistani hum tv drama woh aik pal
Via Woh Aik Pal

With Ayesha Khan and Feroze Khan playing the lead roles, this drama received mix reviews. The story revolved around Arish (Feroze Khan’s) character who is guilt-ridden after accidentally shooting Unaiza (Ayesha Khan’s) husband, Faris (Emaad Irfani). He later falls in love with Unaiza, and that’s where things start to get complicated. The unfortunate Hina (Ramsha Khan) and Arish were already engaged to get married.

The drama takes a wild turn as Hina plans to separate Arish and Unaiza. The drama did have a bit of a cliche story. Many criticized Arish for marrying a woman so much older than him. The drama was created by Moomal Entertainment and had 26 episodes in total.


4. Aadhi Gawahi

pakistani drama adhi gawahi
Via Adhi Gawahi

A very intense drama, Aadhi Gawahi, deals with the sensitive issues of nikah and talaaq. The story revolved around childhood best friends and soon-to-be-married Salwa and Saad. A very interesting twist in the drama comes when at the time of their marriage Hamdaan approaches and claims that Salwa was his wife. They both had previously participated in a play where they had to act out a scene that included nikah between the two.

The drama shows how the matters of nikah and talaaq should never be taken lightly. The story is different, and the drama is produced by Momina Duraid.

3. Sammi

pakistani hum tv drama sammi
via Sammi

Written by Noor-ul-Huda Shah, this drama deals with social issues like the concept of Vanni and the gender discrimination in rural society. Sammi is the lead star Mawra Hocane, and the story starts in Rahimyar Khan. It is also co-created by the creative head and the ever graceful Momina Duraid. The drama received positive praise.

The direction and the cast were admirable, and the storyline was truly gripping. The cinematography was excellent, and the role of Adnan Siddiqui was commendable too.

2. Alif Allah aur Insaan

pakistani drama Alif Allah aur insaan
Via Alif Allah aur Insaan

Based on a novel with the same name and written by Qaisra Hayat, this drama involves the story of 5 different families struggling with various issues. It is a spiritual and mythological drama and has many moral lessons for the viewers. The story is one of its kind, and the direction is superb.

1. Yakeen Ka Safar

pakistani hum tv drama yakeen ka safar
Via Yakeen Ka Safar

It started as a very gripping story revolving around the social issues of gang-rape. The storyline, in the beginning, was very fast paced and had many twists and turns that kept the audiences hooked to the screen. Viewers got to experience a plethora of emotions while watching the series. It then continues as a very different story afterwards which was equally exciting. It also deals with the issues of domestic abuse and abuse of power by the mighty landlords. The drama has moral lessons for many.

What really helped the drama get to the top was the love story between Dr Asfi and Dr Zubia. It took the internet by storm and very quickly people started sharing their love for the two.

You can read more about this love story here.

Feature image via Hum TV