VEON Be Free

VEON announced its first partnership with Jazz telecom to provide an app that will rival the likes of Whatsapp and Viber. The launch was extremely successful and has created a lot of hype in the country.

Who or what is VEON?

VEON was previously known as VimpelCom Ltd, incorporated in 2009 with its headquarters in Amsterdam. It is the sixth largest telecommunication network in the world by the number of subscribers utilizing the service, and they are the global providers of telecommunication services.

Global Telecom Holding owns jazz Pakistan, and the parent company of Global Telecom Holding is VEON. Suprised? So basically VEON owns Jazz Pakistan. YES!! you read it right. It is not just someone making an app. Veon is THE BIG FISH itself.

FYI Telenor owns 14.6% of VEON. Okay, this is getting too complicated, let’s get back to their app.


Driven by its goal to unearth novel opportunities for cellphone subscribers, the app aspires to radically define the individual’s internet experience by offering optimum services to the users, revolutionizing the digital landscape of Pakistan and its communication infrastructure.

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The network is supposedly going to become the most advanced internet platform in the Pakistani telecommunication industry with largest networks in both, Russia and Pakistan. The launch of the mobile messaging app is amongst one in five markets that will be giving its subscribers the user standard features of mobile apps like calling, chatting, sending pictures and videos for free. What sets it apart, however, is that the app will allow you to use the said functions even when you are out of credit. It is possible because it will be using the mobile network’s cellular data or Wi-Fi to function.

Free WhatsApp with a twist

You will be using features of Whatsapp and Viber in a contextualized and personalized way while engaging with the world by accessing services and information like news articles etcetera through the app’s created internet ecosystem.

So it is WhatsApp with articles/news?

The purpose of the app is to facilitate smartphone adaptation in Pakistani population, helping them to become more “digitalized” even when they do not have available balance to cater to the app expenses as other mobile apps do.


The reviews are not great. The app, reportedly, is buggy and a lot of people are reluctant to switch. Let’s be honest: most or maybe all network providers have excellent SMS and internet package which satisfy our thirst to connect.

Here is what Twitter has to say:


The initiative is intriguing, and with the marketing strategies in place with VEON’s app partner Jazz backing it up, it sure is on the pathway to becoming a successful endeavour. Who knows, 10 years from now we all might become the app’s users, forgetting all about Whatsapp and Viber.

For now, I think I’ll prefer WhatsApp.

Feature Image via VEON