Vampires are always cool and have a charisma of their own on the big screen. Anybody, who has seen the season Vampire Dairies or the movie Twilight will agree to that. What if you heard of these supernatural beings prowling around in real life? Yes, the vampire facial is in town, and everybody is going crazy after it. The facial is just as bloody as it sounds and is extremely effective as well. Hollywood is buzzing with excitement after Kim Kardashian had her’s done. So, what is the vampire facial and why is everybody so inspired?

Let’s find out!!

Can you make out why it is being called Vampire Facial? Vampires don’t age; their skin is forever green. Vampire facial is meant to do precisely that. 

What is it?

Basically, the vampire facial is the other name for Platelet Rich Plasma aka PRP facial. The facial involves professionals drawing your blood from your arm. The blood is then run through special centrifuges that separate the plasma, the fluid that contains nutrients and platelets, from the cells. This plasma is rich in platelets which is the basic ingredient of this procedure.

The function of platelets in your body is to help it recover whenever you get injured, without platelets you may even die from a paper cut. The higher the concentration of platelets in plasma, the better the results. In addition, the plasma also contains particular growth factors that help hasten growth and repair.

blood vessel

Now that the magic potion is ready, it is put in special needles and injected into the problem areas of your face, or the entire face for that matter. Some aestheticians combine the plasma with dermal fillers to enhance the effects of the treatment.

The trend started with Kim Kardashian but has since enraged the fashion and entertainment industry. Although your face won’t look amazing that very instant, it would look slightly bruised with needle pricking. However, the facial does produce magnificent effects within a day. Many celebrities are convinced of its beautifying properties and are succumbing to the vampire facial one by one.

How Does It Work?

So, what’s the theory behind it? The platelets and growth factors are great for wound healing. They rejuvenate the skin and help your skin heal fast. The factors also stimulate the growth of collagen that helps to give your skin that firmness it needs. This helps to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines as well.


Some professionals say that the treatment works best for skin that is injured or has lost its shine. Although the procedure itself has minimal side effects if performed by an experienced dermatologist.

No medical procedure is 100% risk free. There are risks of infection and small bruising in this treatment.

Sessions and Benefits 

The treatment has become available for everyone to try. It involves 3 sessions, 2 weeks apart initially and then once a year for maintenance. Some before and after pictures of the PRP treatment really leave you stunned. They show great benefit of the treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and even acne scars. The skin looks brighter, smoother and much more vibrant.

PRP effects


Coming to the cost, the facial is still quite expensive. The cost can range from 6000 PKR – 10,000 PKR in Pakistan. That is expected as it involves specialized equipment and professional expertise. However, with the stunning results that it produces, celebrities are more than willing to give the treatment a try. The bloody facial is sinking into our country as well, and some renowned female celebrities have opted for the procedure.

So, is the facial worth the pain and the cost? Well, we will have to get one to decide that, won’t we?