The latest blockbuster of Marvel series has hit the cinemas. The Australian hunk, Chris Hemsworth is back with this magical hammer to stupefy us.

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Thor: Ragnarok is the 3rd instalment of the Thor series. The first part “Thor” was released in 2011. The second part, Thor Dark World, hit the cinemas in 2013 and now, the third Thor movie is here.

Yes, Marvel just shifted their focus to other movies and it took them 4 years to finally come back to Thor. However, Thor did make appearances in Marvels other superhero movies. 

Story (2011 & 2013)

The story spins between the magical kingdom of Asgard, ruled by a mighty king named Odin and the Earth.

The king has two sons, Thor and Loki.

**Loki is not the real son of Odin; he was taken by Odin when he invaded Frost Giants. He is a brother to Thor but not a biological brother. That is also why he wanted revenge initially. The first two movies were mainly around this rift.

Thor has an impressive physique and a deadly weapon, which aids him in combat. A hammer, which cannot be lifted by anyone else except him. With the help of his hammer, he can also control the weather and fly around.

While his brother, Loki, can manipulate people and has some other tricks up his sleeve. Tricks like teleporting an image of himself to places and the ability to control ice in some ways.

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Thor Ragnarok 

The writers of the 3rd blockbuster have taken a little detour off the main story. The film is now a mixture of comedy and sci-fi. Thor is shown imprisoned on the other side of Universe and is without his mighty hammer. He has to fight in a lethal gladiator tournament.

The film also features a fight with his one-time friend, Hulk. Gradually, Thor has to unite power with his allies and fight the evil forces of the main antagonist of the film, Hela (the goddess of death).

The 3rd part is in 3-D and is also being shown in IMAX.

The great thing about the IMAX experience is that the film features 26% more action than the regular screen.

Earnings & Ratings

As of now, the domestic revenue of Thor had been almost 220 million dollars, while foreign gross figure, totals up to be 440 million dollars. The movie is still at the number 1 spot, and in the eyes of film experts, the movie can easily cross 1 billion dollars.

YES, 1 Billion. Only 31 movies have been able to do it so far.

Until now, all of the parts of Thor series have been a hit. Speaking with respect to the 3rd part, Rottentomato has given it a positive rating of 92%. On IMDB, general audience has voted it an 8.2.

Thor Ragnarok is now tied with The Avengers at the second best rotten tomatoes rating out of all Marvel movies. At the top position is the 1st instalment of Iron Man with a rating of 94%.


Movies like this with so much action give an absolutely brilliant viewing experience in IMAX.

If you were lucky enough to watch Thor Ragnarok in IMAX, then comment below and let us know about your experience.

If you have not watched it yet then you need to sit down and think about what are you doing with your life. Just kidding. But seriously go and watch it this weekend.

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