Everyone can agree to the fact that extroverts bring life to any gathering or party. With their never-ending stories and exaggerated narratives; extroverts make the best of friends. However, like most of the people, numerous stereotypes exists surrounding an extroverted person. As a self-proclaimed extrovert, here are just a few things I (and my other extroverted friends) hate.

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1 – Stop telling them to stop talking

“Yaar tum kitna bolti ho!”

“Tu thakta nahi hai bol bol ke?”

Nahi bhai. 

Extroverts derive joy and energy out of having communications with others. We are not bothered by the subject: talk about technology, economy, impending world war, or cats. We can talk just about anything, and we enjoy it. Telling someone to stop talking or making comments about their interpersonal skills is downright rude and degrading.

2 – Stop asking them to come up with new stories

“Ye story tum mujhe 10 dafa suna chuke ho!”

Okay, sue me! Why are extroverts always expected to have something new to spice up others lives? We might be good at socializing, but our lives aren’t Bollywood movies where we have new stories every day of the week. You need to put up with repetitive stories!

#sorry #notsorry

3 – Asking them to entertain others

Do you expect us to be designated entertainers for everyone?


Just because someone is an extrovert with you does not mean they would be making socially unacceptable puns and sarcastic comments with your friends, and their acquaintances, all the time.

Also, we do not like filling up the lulls in the conversation every.single.time!

4 – Being labelled as shallow

There’s no denying the fact that introverts are romanticized while extroverts are stereotyped as crazy weirdos, who love social interaction for the sole purpose of getting attention. Not true! Who does not like attention? But that does not, in any way, mean that we are shallow. Extroverts are just as good at listening and having complex thoughts as introverts. Also, we love giving attention to people that matter.

Har kisi ko frank nahi kara sakte hum!

5 – Being labelled an Attention Seeker

Okay, everyone loves attention. Since extroverts usually have a lot of confidence, they attract attention. Mostly extroverted people are found to be loud and good conversationalists, which naturally results in getting attention (wanted+unwanted). But this does not mean we crave for attention all the time. And this, in no way whatsoever, means that we intentionally behave the way we do just to get attention.

Ho jata hai bha!

Bus kardo stereotype karna!

Also, some extroverts do not like attention. There are people who are kind of like a mixture of extroversion and introversion, and for them, attention can be a huge problem.

Get yo facts right mate!

6 – Expected to be exciting all the time

The unrealistic expectations of 24×7 happiness and flower fields around extroverts are just so… unrealistic! (I know I used that word twice)

Extroverts are normal people, with a heightened sense to communicate. There are days where we want to talk just about anything, and there are days we want to remain quiet. If we are not talking, that does not mean that our life is falling apart. It probably means that we do not have anything to talk about.

Nahi hai kuch btane ke lie aj. Dimagh na khaow!

7 – Expecting us to not have anything intellectual to contribute

I have failed to understand where did the unrealistic stereotype of extroverts being unable to have complex discussions come from? I have met a heap load of introverts dumb as a rock, regardless of how many books they read.

Also, I have met many extroverts who have compelling and engulfing discussions.

Let’s make it clear; this wasn’t a war between introverts and extroverts. We hope that this will help you understand us better and help you act in a more empathetic way towards us.

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