Ten things you need to know when going to a doctor – an advice from a doctor

  1. He is your doctor not your best buddy refrain from small talk.

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  2. Get straight to the point no idle chatter, please.

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  3. Explain your problem do not be shy. We have seen and heard it all.

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  4. Ask when you do not understand him.

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  5. Tell him to use non-medical terms. Using layman’s terms is hard in the doctor community. Remind us.

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  6. He does not care about your personal life problems and he probably has heard and seen more misery than you. So have some mercy on his soul too.

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  7. Remember to follow up. Understand whether there is a need of follow up visit or not and follow through.

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  8. Do not come alone. Bring your close family with you.

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  9. Speak up yourself instead of letting your parent or sibling do the talking. A doctor wants to have a first account of the problem of the patient.

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  10. Medicines are not candies for all to have. Do not self-prescribe or give others your prescribed medicine. A medicine that works for you might not be suitable for someone else. Share a chocolate instead.

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