With growing cuisine preferences and the need for new delicacies in Pakistan, it’s hardly a surprise that people are finally turning to Japanese cuisine. It is a delight to now have food options other than Chinese, desi, and continental. Not much of the Japanese food culture has penetrated the Pakistani community, but one food has gained a lot of popularity: Sushi!

Some hate it; some love it. There’s no in between. Oh wait, there are people who have never had sushi! Like many. But I mustered up my courage and finally tried it!

So after a few hits and misses, here are a few sushi recommendations that are safe, and actually really good, for all of you curious eaters thinking about giving the cuisine a try!

Kappa Maki

This one is from the rolls section, but its vegetarian. This is a cucumber roll and is totally safe since there is no fish. If you are as afraid to try sushi as I was, this can help your taste buds get prepped up for what’s coming next!

types of sushi - kappa maki
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California Rolls

Makizushi Sushi Rolls are your safest bet in term of venturing into the meat zones of sushi. In this category, the safest option for the newbies would be California Rolls. Since they do not look as intimidating as other sushi options, they got a thumbs up from me as the taste was enticing as well. The roll had imitation crab meat with avocados as the stuffing, wrapped in a roll made from rice. Since the ratio of the meat was low in relation to the avocados and rice, California Rolls were the most subtle sushi I have ever tried.

types of sushi - california roll
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Boston Roll

This roll contains ingredients like Avocado, poached shrimp, and cucumber. The plus point of this roll is that the shrimp is cooked or you can ask for cooked meat to be on the safer side. Since the roll has a lot of stuffing options, which are cooked, this can be a good way to start off. The outside also has crunchiness as it uses red flying fish roe (like bread crumbs).

types of sushi boston roll
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It’s now time to venture into uncooked fish, and for beginners, a good idea would be to try foods which have a low meat ratio (like the California rolls). The meaty taste in this one is going to be dominant since this dish has meat right where you can see it. Nigiri usually consists of a piece of meat (fish, octopus, or eel) on top of a rice block. This can look intimidating but the soy sauce and wasabi help to tone down any harsh meaty taste and keeps you safe.

Types of sushi nigirizushi
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This one is not for the faint-hearted and especially a NO-GO zone for beginners. If you have grown fond of Nigiri, only then can you move onto Sashimi. Sashimi is like a sushi beginner worst nightmare: ALL FISH! It is, for a fact, raw fish with no rice to give you cover!

types of sushi - sashimi
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It is important for you to learn the different types of sushi before you try to test it out. A better way to start it off would be to talk with your chef, if possible, or with the waiter taking your order and let them know what you’d like. Let them know beforehand that you are a beginner and would like the least intimidating menu option available. Also, you need to know that sushi consists of vinegared rice with very little meat (mostly cooked) and it is sashimi which is the Kacchi Macchi we all fear.

Let us know if this helps to give you a morale boost to try out sushi! 

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