Finding makeup items in Pakistan can be tough. You have countless options available in the market. These options range from domestically produced products to the Chinese/Korean brands. If you’re lucky, you might run into someone with an online makeup store with authentic makeup items.

If you are a makeup pro, good for you! Differentiating between fake and authentic makeup won’t be a hassle for you. But for all the makeup noobs like me, here are a few ways you can save yourself from getting a fake Kylie Lip kit and a complimentary skin infection.

Is The $$ Too Good To Be True?

Who doesn’t like a bargain? But the first rule of shopping is: Always be mindful of the price! You cannot expect an item, worth $30, to be around 1,200 rupees. That’s just not realistic and basic math fails to function here.

The price of the product is your best at determining whether the item is genuine or bogus.

A Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette for 1,500 rupees!!??

Tempting?  Yes.

Shady? YES!

But do consider the unfortunate skin disasters that might cause. Not forgetting all the money your dermatologist will end up digging from your pocket, just because you were tempted to save money rather than your precious skin.

Is The Packaging Proper?

The biggest giveaway of fake items is their sloppy packaging. It’s like they would fail to replicate the products even if they tried to clone it!


Asking for hands-on pictures (while shopping online) of the products can tell a lot about the product. This will help you to compare the item under consideration with real items, through pictures.

Packaging needs to be given strict consideration. Be an aunty while shopping. Ask for pictures: left, right, and centre! Check for the difference in font styles, size, the colour of the box, size of the box, anything that looks different!

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Knockoff items often fail to mention the names of all the ingredients, and some don’t even bother with that. So checking the ingredients list and comparing with online information of the brand can be helpful too.

Buy From Retail Stores

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The best thing about online makeup shopping is that Facebook pages often sell them at substantially lower prices. Since they don’t have any retail costs, they slash away those expenses from the prices. So online makeup shopping seems like a feasible option.

But nothing compares to shopping at retail stores. This provides you with the opportunity to check the item yourself. The quality and packaging can be tested first hand. Buying from reputable beauty stores is your best bet!

*Disclaimer: Avoid purchasing makeup from hypermarket or superstores. Preference should be given to stores solely dedicated to selling makeup.


The complimentary items, applicators or sponges, can also tell if the item is a fake. If you are buying a branded palette and receiving a weird spongy applicator with it, then that’s a red flag. Most brands now prefer selling their makeup products and accessories separately. Having a look at the accessories, if applicable, can also help.


Doing some research never hurts anyone.

Watching youtube tutorials, visiting company websites, checking product details on Sephora, etc. All of these measures can make your purchase an easy process. You can get an idea of what the product looks like; it’s packaging and other things.

These small precautionary measures helped me save myself from frauds. Hope it helps you too.

Happy shopping!!!!

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