Any iPhone X lovers? I am warning you right now your feelings are going to hurt. I am not holding back today.

iPhone X was released around Oct/Nov 2017 and obviously with a ridiculously hefty price tag. I was expecting a high-end pricing but Apple just shattered 1000 USD barrier. Depending on where you live, the cheapest price you can get for an iPhone X is 1000 USD (pretax) and the highest is around 1500 USD. In Pakistan, it is around 150’000 PKR for the 64 GB iPhone X. Which is absolutely absurd.

Since it has not officially released in Pakistan, people are even selling it for as much as 2500 dollars (more than 250’000). What’s worse is that people are still buying it to support a “pseudo-rich” stereotype.

Why would you buy an iPhone X?

Let’s face it. You have no solid reasons to support your arguments. Maybe you’re a rich spoiled brat or a “daddy’s princess” who loves to spend cash wherever you see fit. Or maybe, you are under an inferiority complex:

O…mere dost k paas to iPhone hai. Mjay b bus chahye hi chahye

In a world of today, it is nothing more than a status symbol.

Call to 1000 rupay waali mobile se b hojati hai. Dhaii lakh ka mobile lene ka kya maqsad?

Believe me; there is nothing on iPhone X that is worth the absolutely rubbish price tag. We are not that stupid that we are unable to see that. Are we?

Drawbacks of iPhone X:

You know what they say “what goes up must come down“.

Aik wqt tha – iPhone ka bhut level tha. Phr Steve Jobs k marnay k baad wo baat na rhi.

Talking about notorious high price and potential security concerns, I don’t think it’s worth it. The sales of iPhone X are already facing a major turmoil. A Vietnamese security company has released a hack to trick the face ID to unlock the phone.

There’s also a major concern in colder countries. It has been observed that after a specific decrease in temperature, the screen of iPhone X gets cracked. There have been reports of iPhone releasing a security patch but personally speaking, it still feels a long way to go.

Currently, Samsung is dominating the global world market shares by 21.4% while Apple is far, far back having 13.9% shares.

The ‘Hahaha’ fact is that Samsung supplies the processor of Apple. It is no secret that if things go on like this, we may see Samsung completely annihilate the one-time global champion.

Twitter reactions:

Imagine spending 1500 USD on a phone and then complaining about it being faulty.

Bus ab intzaar aur dua hi kr sktay hain keh kaash Apple apnay customers ki sun le.

PS I own a samsung note 5 😛

Feature image via youtube