Okay, I’ll be honest: I watched the complete season in one go. Actually; it was two sittings with a lunch break in between. That is how much I love Stranger Things, and you should too.

It is quite simply put breathtaking.

*Spoiler Alert*

This post might contain some spoilers form season 1. If you haven’t watched season 1, stop reading and watch season 1 first. 

Okay, so Stranger Things is a Netflix Original series about, well strange things, in a town called Hawkins, in the Indiana state of U.S. set up in 1980’s. The show concentrates on four friends: Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will, along with some of their family members.

stranger things cast
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The Hawkins National Laboratory, whose function is to perform scientific research for the United States Department of Energy, secretly does experiments into paranormal and supernatural activities, involving humans as a test subject. Accidently they create a portal to the Alternation Dimension known in the movie as “the Upside Down”.

Upside Down is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world. It is exactly the same as the human world but much darker, colder, foggier and contains mystical creatures. 


One night, coming home after playing Dungeons and Dragons (role-playing game) at Mike’s house, Will goes missing. Season one revolves around Will’s family and friends and the police chief finding Will and some very, well strange things which includes a girl of their age named Eleven.

Eleven or El has psychic powers and has just recently escaped from the Hawkins National laboratory.

The season’s name is Stranger Things so well there ought to be Strange Things in it. At the end of season 1, they successfully recover Will from the Upside Down. But then El disappears, and Will starts to experience constant flashbacks of the Upside Down which seem too real to be dreams.

Season 2 trailer starts off showing El with longer hair so me telling you she is back isn’t a spoiler. It shows Will’s flashbacks were real as well and there were a couple of new characters including Max who becomes the latest member of the party.

Why You Should Watch Stranger Things:

  • It stays original. Its setup in 1980’s and it remains like that throughout.
  • Great writing. The plot, the characters everything is perfect.
  • A remarkable blend of comedy, thrill and mystery.
  • The cast fits nicely on the characters.

    stranger things cast at the awards
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  • This guy:

    stranger things character
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He is just so funny, with his front teeth missing and his lisp.

People love it

Trust me guys, if you are into TV series, watch Stranger Things. If not, well it’s your loss.

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