Valentine’s day is just around the corner. While most of the people are getting their basket filled with chocolates and flowers ready, some have their day planned out in a different manner. The plan is not following some cliche, repetitive activity, but will cleanse your heart, mind, and soul.


valentines day event

Yep, you read that right. A Facebook user, by the name of Zainab Khan, undertook the responsibility to make special arrangements for all the loners on Valentine’s day. Or maybe for people who have reverted to the good ol’ spiritual way of life. Either way, the event has managed to grab the audiences and has got them intrigued and excited.

The theme behind this interesting event is “Valentine’s Day Choro aur Tauba Tauba Karo.”

Interesting. Very interesting.

The host of the event has made headlines (on facebook) by this act of rebellion against the romantically fascist society. Zainab was able to attract both: men, and women, by promoting her event in the right way. She did not forget to tap the female segment of the target audience as she highlighted required facilities for the event:

“P.S: Aurtoon ka lia parday ka intezam hai

People have already started paying heed to this distinct event and are taking an interest in its venue and timings. I guess they want to RSVP in due time so that they don’t miss a prayer spot.

fb valentines day post 1

While others have unique, yet irrelevant, comments in relation to the event.

Meanwhile, some people have thought-provoking, mind-boggling questions about the authenticity of the event. I mean, how could they!

fb valentines day post 2


fb valentines day post 4

^This guy is in it to win it, for sure!

Well, in case you got your mind prepped up to go the event, let us break it to you: It is a joke. The page is, apparently, made as a joke to mock the upcoming valentine’s day, and I believe to also mock the Punjab Government’s attempts to curb the “unethical and immoral” activities which take place on the day. Nonetheless, there have been no further updates and it is quite obvious the event is a hoax.

I am making this claim because I, with the help of my inquisitive nature, looked into the admin’s profile. The profile looked extremely sketchy, with photos downloaded from Google and a decapitated photo for a display picture. How original!

But, for the sake of laughing at some people’ wit and for satire, we sure do hope that the admin of the page comes through and posts more updates for people to debate upon. Until then, we’ll just have to suffice with the handful of updates about the event and inquiries there are on the page.

But do let us know if you would have attended if it was real, and obviously backed up by religious authentication and permission!