For all the CS students, someone of whom didn’t score high enough marks to get admission in the stereotypical engineering fields of “electrical and mechanical”, there’s good news.

You are going to earn a lot of money.


Because the age of software development has started. Competitive companies are thoroughly searching for individuals who excel in practical applications of computer science.

The age of hardware development has almost reached its peak. Very high performing processors are available in the market at a very low price.

What matters now is what we can do with the hardware technology.

Why the shift

The reason for such a massive shift in IT is due to the common availability of smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. More and more people are getting connected to the internet every day.

Every day we see, tons of new apps being uploaded on the Apple’s AppStore and Google’s PlayStore. Even average rated apps have almost tens of thousands of downloads.

Through software development, exposure of companies and their respective products take place inside the mainstream market. This makes the software industry as a vast source of revenue generation.


Just think of all the filters you need to get more likes on your social media DPs, that is software. 

Snapchat, Fb, Twitter, Google, Microsoft etc. All of these are primarily software companies. 

We have all the hardware development stagnant now, and that is when the game of software development comes into play. Companies need skilled software developers who are technically sound and equipped with the latest software development techniques.

According to data received from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), in the next ten years, the growth rate of the software industry is about 24%, which is higher than the average growth rate of other professions.


If one needs to enter into a career in software development, he or she typically needs to have a bachelor’s degree. Even if you don’t end up scoring a high GPA, well, they can go back to where the sun doesn’t shine.

KIDDING…You can always freelance to build a portfolio and get a great job on account of your experience.

Some of the trending fields of information technology are application development, database management, networking maintenance, information security, data mining and graphic designing. Each of these areas is a world of its own and is projected to grow in the upcoming years.

The beautiful thing about all this is all you need is a computer to work on.

One of the most significant plus points of the software industry is that the field will never die. Upcoming generations will continuously need an updated version of previous working applications. There will always be room for better working applications, and the fight of data encryption and data decryption will never end. Almost every electronic gadget in our world is connected to the internet, and one needs software to run them smoothly. Educational institutions, banks, militaries, industries, laboratories, workshop. You name it, and software will be an integral part of their infrastructure.

I think it is safe to say Computer Science is the future.