Pakistan has decided on ‘Saawan’ as the country’s choice for the Academy Award, more commonly known as Oscars, in the “best foreign-language film” category.

Oscar Pakistan
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Influenced by actual happenings, the human crisis revolves around a disabled nine-year-old young man (Karam Hussein) who is ignored by his father and left to perish in the wilderness. What’s more: people intimidate him, friends harass him and leave him alone in the valley in the scorching heat. All this because of his impairment. Strengthened by recollections and dreams and driven by the love of his mom, this young boy sets out on a perilous quest back again to his family.

Oscar Pakistan

It is a suspense story that occurs in the remote desert. From what we gather, Saawan is a desolate valley in the mountains of Baluchistan. The main purpose of the film is to highlight the social injustices and the inabilities of our feudal justice system.

The Credits of ‘Saawan’

Oscar Pakistan

The film is directed by the experienced film and television director Farhan Alam and penned by Mashood Qadri. Mashood Qadri is a practising doctor, currently in the US, who also has Riyasat Mein Riyasat to his credit. Furthermore, the film is edited by Aseem Sinha, who has multiple Bollywood titles to his credit, like the 2001 historical crisis ‘Zubeida’.

Other technology credits go to Indian film editor Aseem Sinha and a music report by U.S.-centered Emir Isilay. Hence, it is being described as the project made by co-operation between Bollywood, Hollywood and the Pakistani film industry.


Those who have seen the movie had nothing but praise for this masterpiece.


You must be thinking why do you not know about Saawan?

The reason is the film was not marketing well in Pakistan, so not many people know about it. However, Saawan did gather a number of different honours internationally.

  • The best foreign language film feature trophy at Madrid International Film Festival.
  • It also earned the best film and best director at the Social World Film Celebration in Naples, Italy.
  • The best film and best soundtrack at Salento International Film Festival.

Previous Oscars wins by Pakistan

Moving on, after more than a 50 year period, Pakistan re-entered the Oscar contest in 2013. It submitted the film against the law immigration ‘Zinda Bhaag.’

The country hasn’t received a foreign-language film nomination yet. However, Pakistan has attained two Oscars in the documentary category, both by the same filmmaker. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy gained a trophy with co-director Daniel Junge for Cutting down Face in 2012. Also, this was accompanied by another win this past year in the brief documentary category. Sharmeen bagged an Oscar for A Women in the River: The price tag on Forgiveness. Furthermore, this past year, Pakistan submitted Mah e Mir as its contender in the foreign-language category.

It’s about time that Pakistan made an appearance in the Oscars. Saawan, the first rain, has the potential to drench Pakistani cinemas with its recognition. We hope the film does great at the Oscars and bring honour for the country.

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