Fitness is in the trend among Karachiites these days but do not for a second, doubt our love for food. For a foodie who’s counting calories, eating fit can be a tricky task, but it’s certainly not something one can not manage to do. 

As the saying goes: Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Whether you’re a foodie who’s looking to shed a few pounds or you simply prefer to eat clean, let this be your guide to the top three restaurants that offer the choicest of restricted-calorie cuisines in Karachi.

Eat Fit

Eatfit (Restaurant for fitness freak)
via eatfit fb page

When you wish to stay in or order lunch at the office, Eat Fit is your best bet. Offering a wide range of clean eating takeaway options ranging from salads to desi cuisine to delectable wraps and sandwiches. Eat Fit has got everything under the sun – freshly prepared every day. 

Another reason why Eat Fit comes highly recommended is that every item on the menu comes with a calorie counter to give you an idea of just how many calories may consume at a time – a blessing for those on a calorie-restricted diet.

Talking about taste and proportions, each food item is packed with an explosion of flavors and sizeable enough to curb your cravings at any time of the day.


Ever Green (Resturant for fitness freak)
via evergreen fb page

One of the three swanky cafes owned by Sikander Rizvi, Evergreen is quite a promising new venture. The elaborate menu is filled with tons of healthy options without being at all bland or boring. 

Our favorites include:

  • The refreshing green machine juice.
  • Open-faced pesto sandwich.
  • The flourless cake for dessert. 

The dim-lit, minimalist décor and ambience is an added plus. If you’re looking for a new café to try in Karachi on a Saturday night, Evergreen is hands down, the place to be.

Mocca Coffee

Mocha (Resturant for fitness freak)
via Mocca Coffe fb page

This hot and happening café is a must-try if the aroma of freshly brewed coffee cheers you up. Inspired by Scandinavian design, Mocca Coffee is perfect for a quick afternoon lunch or a light dinner for two. Offering interesting breakfast options, entrees and desserts, each dish on the menu is flavorful and tastefully decorated. Grilled Mezza Luna, the super chocolatey paleo energy bar and the low-cal roasted tomato and orange soup are to die for.

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