Many of us in Pakistan have been waiting for Pennywise (the dancing clown from the novel of Stephen King) and that red balloon thriller. IT has had us all expecting a great horror. You know a country loves horror by the cinemas roaring in expectancy for every horror movie that comes out. The much-awaited Stephen king’s IT was released on 7 September. The tickets were sold in most popular cinemas to see the movie first hand.

The General Impression

Initially, the general impression of the trailer made it clear that this was one movie not fit for the faint of heart. Still sceptical many people made an effort to see the film on the big screen. However, from what we gather the horror wasn’t as ‘horrifying’ as the trailer had shown it to be.

baby with a clown get up

For some, understanding the chemistry between penny-wise and its 27-year desire to hunt children is hard to comprehend. While others, found it hard to figure out why the movie kept shifting into the past. It was only after a due course of the film that the story got gripping. People loved the horror and relished in the sudden jumps and the evil laughs that accompanied.

Was it Scary Enough?

Coming to the scare scale, however, we were surprised to see that the movie didn’t do a lot to scare people. Remember the conjuring and its effects and Annabelle: The Creation had some pretty neat chills too. ‘IT’ on the other hand, although entertaining, was watched by a decent share of the children as well. Without much discomfort or horror, I am afraid. Children as young as 10 years went and watched the movie on the big screen with not so much as a shudder.

That being said, should we take children with us to a horror film? I would not. Would you?

A man standing in front of a car with a stick

Was it because the movie wasn’t a good scare or because our children are too exposed and now numb to the usual horror effects in a movie. All in all, we think it is a bit of both, and many people agree as well. The movie is no doubt a good entertainment and worth the ticket, but horror directors and film producers are seemingly running out of new ideas. Most movies follow the same story. You just add more gore to make it scarier.

Here is what the general public had to say about the movie.

The after-effects of the movie weren’t too glamorous. Yes, it was liked by people and ran the typical 2-week round in cinemas. However, its attraction seemed to decrease as more and more people opted to watch it at home. All in all, Pakistan has raised its tolerance for horror as well as expectation. It’s going to take a movie like the ‘Conjuring’ to scare them again!