Directed by Nadeem Baig, Punjab Nahi Jaungi was released on big screen 1st September 2017. The film was promoted very well, raising expectations high. Staring the beautiful Mehwish Hayat and the handsome Humayun Saeed in the lead roles, the film was showcased in a number of television advertisements, posters and what not. Even YouTube channels like ‘Mango Baaz” played a role in promoting the film.

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Our experience

There was only one way to find out, and that was by watching the love story itself. So, we found ourselves seated among spectators, preparing ourselves for the 2 hours and 40 min of drama ahead.

Initially, I have to admit we had reservations about the movie. Pakistani films at times lack a good story. They are just pushed on the notion that we have to revive our film industry so we should go and watch them. There is no doubt Pakistani cinema is churning out as many movies as it possibly can. However, the result hasn’t been very productive yet. 

Surprisingly, few minutes into the movie the doubts began to disappear and by the end of the film, we were among the many who applauded. Many people joined in with us as we clapped at the end. In fact, the response was massive, and almost every person loved the movie.

The Jewels of the Movie

The movie starts with Fawad (Humayun Saeed) returning to Faisalabad and Amal (Mehwish Hayat) returning to Karachi after completing their education. Durdana (Urwa Hocane), Fawad’s cousin, is in love with Fawad. But when Fawad’s mother shows him a picture of Amal, he falls in love with her. This follows a romantic conflict and intense drama.

In addition to this, the movie also addresses some of our most prominent issues such as divorce, discrimination, and women’s respect. In fact, Amal standing against a patriarchal mindset adds a dose of feminism to the film.

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The script and dialogue delivery were great but not extraordinary. Some say that certain characters, notably Hocane’s lacked strength and was incomplete. We can all agree that the movie revolves around Hayat’s and Saeed’s chemistry. They add such glamour to the stage and the screen and manage to portray scenes so effortlessly that we cannot imagine any other actress portraying the role so well.

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In terms of story, the movie walks a fine line between humorous and downright ridiculous. However, the film kept its balance throughout and had some excellent visuals, top-notch performances, and memorable songs. We must admit, the movie is worth watching.

The Nations’s Response

Many Pakistanis took to Twitter to express their feelings. The majority are quite impressed with the movie. Here is what some had to say about the film.

Celebrities also had nice things to say about the movie. Many expressed their views on Facebook.

Here are Faisal Qureshi and Fakhr e Alam giving advice to Fawad on bringing Amal to Punjab.

Faysal Quraishi responds to Fawwad Khagga and tells him how he can get Amal ( mehwish hayat ) to Punjab !!!Punjab Nahi Jaungi releasing on 1st sept !!

Posted by ARY Films on Friday, August 25, 2017

Fakhar e Alam – PNJ

Fakhr e Alam Power Pack Advice to Fawwad Khagga, how he can take Amal ( Mehwish Hayat ) to Punjab !!!Punjab Nahi Jaungi releasing on 1st sept !!

Posted by ARY Films on Friday, August 25, 2017


All in all, Pakistani cinema needs more movies like this, yes, there is always room for improvement, but a step in the right direction is a step forward. We have to say that Nadeem Baig (director) took particular care to ensure that the movie released worldwide, promoting Pakistani cinema abroad. Punjab Nahi Jaungi grossed over Rs. 3.10 crore on the very first day. The second day was even higher at Rs. 3.50 crore. The movie has been a success worldwide, and we can’t wait to see more movies like this coming out of Pakistani cinema.

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