Lipsticks have undergone a series of evolution since the inception of makeup. From using beetroots as lip tints to the latest liquid lipstick trend. And from a handful of shades to every shade, you can imagine.

different shades of lipstick

However, there is an upcoming makeup trend which is yet to come to the masses: Powder lipstick.

The phenomenon is, yet, alien to the Pakistani audiences but don’t we all wanna know what this upcoming trend is?

What is it?

So what powder lipstick actually is and whether it will make its way to your vanity or not?

Powder lipstick (also referred to as lip powder) is, well, Lipstick in a powder form. Yes! It’s that simple. Nothing fancy or complex here.

powder lipstick

The formula for the lipstick is pure pigmented powder, which promises a matte and long-lasting finish. The product is applied to the lips like any regular lip product, and that’s it! The product has room for color build up by adding a layer on top of layer, without making it look patchy (#liquid lipstick reference).  Moreover, its smudge free! Imagine sipping on fluids all day long without having to worry about bleeding or fading lipsticks!

Where did it come from?

While the American Media markets most of the makeup trends, innovations in the makeup industry usually originate from Korea.

Korea has been at the top of the makeup game for quite a while with their top-notch skincare regimes. Korean beauty industry has been wooing the world with the fun element attached to it. Powder lipstick, yet again, is a Korean creation.

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Its Edge

People who use liquid lipsticks know the issues associated with it.

  • The falsely promised longevity issue.
  • Intense dryness of the lips
  • Patchy and flaky outlook.

Powder lipstick seems to have the potential to rid lipstick lovers from this agony and make touch ups hassle free.

Thee shalt not carryeth lip balms with thee anym’re.”

The lipstick is said to have a smooth finish and feel weightless on the lips. It is also versatile, like most makeup products, and can be applied to the cheeks or eyes too.

Playing with makeup and creating the ombre lip look just got a whole lot easier.

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The product hasn’t gained much hype till now but is available through most of the prominent makeup brands. It seems like we still have to wait a long time to get our hands on the product. In the meantime, liquid and bullet lipsticks will just have to suffice.

So, Anyway Its a YAYYYY from my side.