Most of us gush and drool over the hyped up drama we are served thanks to the Kardashians (hope you guys know there’s an ongoing feud going on over Kylie’s newborn), but now we have to look no further we pretty much have our Khandashians who are arguably better at it.

Everyone is well aware of the Pakistani origin, Britain based professional boxer Amir Khan. Everyone is also aware of his stunning and beautiful wife Faryal Makhdoom, who is making a name for herself in the beauty and fashion industry, in AND out of Pakistan.

Family Feuds

Who needs “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” when we have a whole bunch of drama, of a totally different level, going on in the boxer’s family? Let us do a side by side comparison to enlighten you about the capacity of our Khan family further to keep us thoroughly entertained.

The Kardashian family drama is so mellow and sober, with the girls either yelling at their mom for a while or Kim K crying with her ugly crying face. However, do you remember the type of performance we received when there was a family feud between Faryal and her relative’s in-law?

faryal allegation post
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faryal allegation post 2
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That’s some high-level drama!

Affairs, breakups, divorces, regrets!

Now anyone who watches the show, or even if they do not, knows how common it is for the Kardashian/Jenner clan to be breaking up and replacing their baes every now and then. We also had an unusual case of ‘repent and return’ when Scott Disick tried to patch up with his ex-wife, Kourtney Kardashian, after having cheated on her.

However, even Scott’s little act of infidelity is no match for our rowdy Lil boy Amir.


Ouch! That would have hurt below the belt!

Atta’ go girl!

The Affairs!

After having accused his wife of having extra-marital affairs, Mr Khan himself was soon found to be displaying the same behaviour with numerous models. He was first seen cosying up with a Dubai based MUA in a nightclub, which was quickly followed up by a clarification from both ends: The Lady, along with Amir.

Then Alyzeh entered the scene. Amir left no stone unturned to get his divorce cleared ASAP when he was rumored to be dating our very own, Alyzeh Gabol.

amir khan with Alyzeh Gabol
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There was no confirmation from any of the sides. However, both the parties uploaded photos outside the same mosque simultaneously. Previously, Alyzeh had been rumored to have left the country for “a holiday.” Yeah, okay, we believe that!

Lol, Wut?

They got back together! No not Alyzeh and Amir, but Amir and Faryal.

kardashians ending the year

Yaar, what is this drama?

Now, didn’t Amir beat Scott and the Kardashians to this drama.

BUT, Things did not stop there!

We have more!

The Khandashians are back in the news because lil lad Amir is back on his old ways again. Faryal was seen celebrating Valentine’s day alone, by herself and her kids, as hubby-cakes was in the U.S.

Amir was reported to be bothering a U.S based model, who had enough of his flirtations. The encounter began off as the two discussing one of Amir’s posts, and the guy could not resist making a move. Dasha Abdelgany, the model, told The Mirror that the boxer was continually asking her to see him before Faryal visited.

Let’s all just wait for the next episode of Keepin’ up with the Khandashians!