A personality takes years to build, but a small mistake or misunderstanding can destroy it. This is what Nouman Ali Khan is currently facing. The Muslim world is shocked and confused about what to make of the situation at hand. Let’s start from the very start. Nouman Ali Khan is an American Muslim speaker. He is also the founder and instructor of the famous Bayyinah Institute for Arabic and Quranic Studies. We can all agree he is a very influential person in the Muslim community and a person that many people look up to, especially young Muslims.

So, what really happened?

There are many controversies following Nouman Ali Khan at the moment. Initially, a girl named Rabia Chaudhry came forward with allegations. She says that she was in contact with the scholar and had screenshots of their conversations. Nouman Khan is seen texting inappropriate, shirtless photos of himself. The language and messages in the screenshots are not decent either and not suitable for a scholar to be texting at all.

Then on 21st September his 20-year-old friend (disputed by Nouman Ali Khan) Omer M. Mozaffar came forward in support to Rabia’s version. In a Facebook post he claims that Nouman is involved in unacceptable relations and behaviours with other women in the past. Mozaffar also states that the speaker has told many lies and has warned him repeatedly to seek repentance. As the matter got worst and Nouman refused to understand, Nouman was disciplined by the scholar community. Nouman was advised to seek counselling and was prohibited from further contact with women. Mozaffar claimed he was also made in charge of reporting and controlling any further misconduct. He claimed that Nouman initially agreed to the advice which he now allegedly broke.

Mozaffar adds that Nouman is now sending personal threats to the scholar committee via his attorney as well.

You can see his full post here.

Nauman Ali Khan friend Mozaffer
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Many other allegations were hurled at Nouman Ali Khan after that, by various women. All of them claimed that Nouman talked with them and promised marriage. However, when they pursued him, he threatened, downright refused them and even gave money to silence them.

Is there any proof?

Conversation screenshots, shirtless pictures and money receipts are out in public. This complicates the entire case even further.

Nauman Ali Khan's screenshot

Nauman Ali Khan's screen shot

You can see all the screenshots here.

To make matters worse for him, a website by the name of Muslimmatters Inc have posted a statement against him. Although the website itself takes no credit of the statement, the signatories mentioned are renowned scholars who confirmed the misdemeanours of Nouman Ali Khan.

They say that they refrained from making public statements till recently because of lack of sufficient evidence. However, according to Sr.AishaAl-Adawiya, Sr. Salma Abugideiri, Sh. Tamara Gray, Dr Altaf Husain, Imam Mohamed Magid and Dr Ingrid Mattson, sufficient evidence is now available to prove the scholar guilty. They expressed their sadness on Nouman’s behaviour and are concerned about the well-being of the women who underwent this alleged assault.

Nouman’s Defence

In response to Mozaffer’s post, Nouman Ali Khan claims his innocence by saying that he was divorced for 2 years. He continues that any contact with women that he did have was with family’s consent and knowledge. He went on to deny any inappropriate conversations and said that any communication between him and the girls was dignified. Ending his post, he says that his conversations are falsely portrayed as predatory.

Read the full post in his own words here.

On the other hand, Nouman Ali khans friends and close relatives have sided with the scholar. They say that Rabia’s screenshots have been tampered with and the allegations against the scholar are conjured to frame him. They also say that Nouman has provided sufficient evidence to prove his innocence. Nouman himself has expressed how the matter has grieved him. He also says that Mozaffer wasn’t his good friend and he certainly didn’t discuss private matters of his life with him.

Who is lying and who is telling the truth or is the matter only hyped to conspire against a great scholar?

The Muslim world has parted into people who support or are against Nouman Ali Khan. However, it isn’t difficult to see that the scholar is in a fair amount of trouble. Mozaffar’s allegations against him backed with proof from the women themselves have weakened his case. Yes, we cannot judge people on small incidences or when we hardly know the entire story. However, with the current situation, we are yet to see if Nouman Ali Khan manages to save his reputation and himself.

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