Manufacturers and sellers are in a never-ending quest to provide their customers with the best quality products through convenient and accessible means. This is where online shopping appears to be the go-to option.

However, online business dealings in Pakistan continue to remain a risk. No doubt that the industry is on the rise but with it, the bogus item sales and monetary frauds are also becoming common. I think we all can agree that fraudulent activities know no bounds. You can be a hot-shot celebrity and still get scammed, or experience an unpleasant shopping experience.

One such incident happened recently when one prominent media name had to go through trouble while trying to buy some beauty products from a Facebook page. Nadia Hussain, who is an actor, model, and a beauty artist and guru, underwent a majorly disappointing shopping experience with one of the many Facebook pages.

Let me break it down for you and then you can be the judge. 

Nadia’s side of the story

Nadia Hussain placed an order on a facebook page with 50% advance as requested by the seller. The conversation (that has since been removed) between the client and the seller showed how subservient the seller was in order to allow for her client to have a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and she did not receive the order on time.

This was the post that has been removed by Nadia Hussain from her Facebook page. You can clearly see how furious she is. 

P.S. I am not adding pictures of the conversation posted by Nadia Hussain to this post, you have to take my word for “seller being subservient”.

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Nadia Hussain provided more evidence to solidify her side of the story.

This post is still there on Nadia Hussain’s Facebook page.

The rest of the conversation #beware SHOP SEPHORA-PAKISTAN

Posted by Nadia Hussain on Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Other Side

Every story has two sides. In this case, Maryam Aurangzaib Khan (owner of the page Shop Sephora Pakistan) quickly came to defend herself.

You can read all what she had to say here:

#TheOtherSideoftheStoryHi and assalaam o alaikum my dearest girls <3 Recently, a very huge scandal erupted when a…

Posted by Shop Sephora – Pakistan on Friday, November 17, 2017


Maryam claims that she communicated with Nadia on the matter, later on, and the two reached common grounds. Nadia got her stuff, and the issue has been resolved. Nadia removed has also removed her first post trashing Maryam so I guess it is safe to assume that the matter is indeed settled.

According to Maryam, Nadia opted for the products instead of refunds. 

The Verdict

I think that the fault exists at both ends. To begin with, Maryam was responsible for keeping her clients updated. Since she was taking partial prepayments, she should have been more careful about her communication. She had notified her clients of the order delay, but she should have responded to her client’s queries promptly. Often a lot, sellers/suppliers do give high priority status to high profile customers. Then how could Maryam have just “forgot” to inform Nadia?

On the other end, Nadia is not innocent as well. I do agree with the fact that when you have paid in advance and are dubious about the authenticity of a seller, you do get agitated. Add to that the extended waiting period of 2 months; things may go out of proportion! However, what appears to be wrong is Nadia’s indifference to the matter. Maryam had suggested returning her money, and she claims the issue had been sorted out. If that is the case, then Nadia should remove the one post that is still up on her Facebook page. She is trying to trash someone’s livelihood, which can cause them to lose everything they worked hard for. She needs to be more careful about her actions. Nobody should be allowed to abuse power.

We learnt three things from this whole fiasco:

  1. How tiring and troublesome online shopping can be. Maybe for both the seller and the customer.
  2. Never, I repeat never come in the way of a girl and her beauty products.
  3. Yes!! Even Celebrities shop online.

We hope that Nadia, and everyone else, have no problems with their online shopping experiences in the future.

The Irony: Online Shopping is for convenience but can be the very source of inconvenience. Do let us know if you have had any similar experiences with online shopping.

Feature Image via Nadia Hussain fb page.