Modern Day Feminists – Insights on How far have we come

Feminism entails women empowerment. We have come along way since the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century when this movement started. It all started from the struggle to legalize and recognize woman’s right to vote. Fast forward it to almost two decades into the twenty first century, feminism has become much more of a global phenomenon.

Women empowerment is a diverse term and feminists all over the world have been forced to fight for it. You probably hear and read about it quite often without realizing the humongous disparity between men and women in all aspects of life which has caused us feminists around the world to raise our voices.

Women are treated and looked upon differently than men even if both of them are equally qualified. Male dominance can be seen from workplace to movie sets. There has always been an issue of women being underpaid as compared to their male counterparts. They are deemed incapable of leading a big company or a Hollywood movie franchise. No wonder there always has been a glass ceiling for women in multi million dollar companies and the world rarely sees a female CEO. The very few who do break the impregnable glass ceiling, such as Marissa Mayer did as Yahoo’s CEO back in 2012, they are highly criticized and given terrible approval ratings.

Hollywood has always chosen men to lead their franchises. Terminator, James Bond, Transformers would be to name a few. Whereas, women are used as a secondary cast to the male lead, merely for being objectified and depicted helpless. Top it all of with the movie being directed by a male director. How perfect!

Then came Wonder Woman. Hollywood’s first female lead superhero movie directed by a female director Patty Jenkins. The character was depicted to be strong, independent and a force to reckon with. Seeing a Hollywood studio giant actually going for it seemed quite skeptical to alot until the movie came out and became an absolute international blockbuster.

We need feminism as anti-sexism for gender liberation. There is no need to impose restrictions on us in an environment which is already male dominant. This unjust and unacceptable general behaviour needs to change since we are also equally capable as men, until then we would continue to speak out for our sisters around the world.