Gen Y and gen Z are now coming into the limelight on a global platform. It is now the time for the millennials to take over the world through their ingenuity, backed up by the rapidly evolving and improving technology.

In comparison to the last few decades, the present day students and employees are more smarter and are equipped with qualities which the earlier generations lacked. They are smarter, more creative, and their ambitions know no bounds. But as we, the youth, are rising to the surface, we are ignoring a very important problem occurring in our society: the growing generation gap!

What is a generation gap?

Merriam-Webster (online dictionary) defines generation gap to be the difference in perspectives about various and differing crucial factors which shape a society, namely: values, believes, politics, etc.

In simpler terms, it’s how the older/mature people have different views and perspectives from their younger counterparts.

generation gap showing old vs young
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Why do we need to think about it?

We have heard this countless times during our youth: As you are growing up, your parents are growing older! We cannot defy this statement to be a matter of fact for all times and all generations.

As we are growing up, we are becoming increasingly engrossed in our lives. We are concerned about our academics, work, social circle, entertainment, and what not. We have developed a schedule for every day of our lives, which does not provide us with any space to make room for anything else.

5 days a week, we are busy with either our academics or work. The two days that we get off, we either decide to hibernate or chill with our friends. We have grown up into a generation that is becoming more and more selfish and narcissistic, with no feelings of empathy for the people who actually matter to us: our parents.

We skip family lunches because we are not home. We don’t have dinner with the family because we have to do assignments or have to watch Netflix. We don’t spend the weekends with our parents because we believe we see them every day, but we don’t get enough time for our friends.

All we think about is what “we” are missing out on, or what responsibilities “we” have to fulfil. While we carry out our activities, we often don’t bother to spend time with our parents.

But I don’t get along with my parents?

A lot of youngsters often complain about having different perspectives or having values or believes poles apart from their parents. We complain about how our parents don’t understand us, and it’s their fault since they need to acknowledge that our times are different from theirs.

millennials Reread the above statements and ponder upon how the paragraph, once again, rants about “our” issues.

We have enough time to make excuses for not devoting enough time to our parents, but we do not have the strength nor the time to practice what we preach. The fact of the matter is, the problem exists at both ends. While our parents may or may not be willing to understand our time and lifestyles, we aren’t willing to take out the time to help them understand either.

Where the problem lies?

The problem lies in our lack of interest in the matter. Efforts need to be made from both ends. It is important that we talk to our parents to consider where the problem lies. It could be possible that our parents might be willing to understand us or at least listen to us, but we may not be willing to communicate.

The gap needs to be bridged from both ends and here are a few things you can do:

  • Try to allocate 15-30 mins of your day for talking to your parents.
  • Watch a TV show or the news with them.
  • Avoid using phones/laptops when sitting with your parents.
  • Ask them about how their day went.
  • Get to know your parents more, as you do with your friends.
  • Try to spend a weekend with your family (even if you are on a busy schedule).
  • Try talking about things of common interests.
  • Or teach them how to use snapchat.
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We are a generation which has so much potential. While we have grown up learning from our parents, we now have the ability to teach them something new. Why not try helping your mother learn a new mobile game, or help your dad understand how to use the news application. Try to find ways to talk to them. Don’t forget, they were your friends before anyone else.

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