If I was an editor of Oxford dictionary, I would’ve defined aeroplanes as “the adrenaline of the sky”. Okay, maybe that was a little cheesy, but I mean…who doesn’t love aeroplanes?

How did it begin

Amol Yadav, a pilot of Indian origin, made a bold announcement one day to his friends and family members that he will actually build an aeroplane, on the top of the apartment building he lives in.

His family, shocked by the craziness still managed to keep their composure (somewhat), asked him about his strategy to bring down the plane, let’s say “if” it was completed. At that time, the only sentence which came out of the mouth of Yadav was “I really don’t know.” All he knew was he wants to build an aeroplane on the rooftop. Talk about being crazy?

Maybe he was a bit stubborn, but you know what they say, “where there’s a will there’s a way.”

His 5-storey building did not have any lifts, so he hand lifted compressors, factory machines and an imported 180kg engine via a narrow staircase.

Yadav and his brilliant team, consisting of an automobile garage mechanic and an expert fabricator, worked day and night to bring the dream into reality.

In February 2016, the plane was ready. According to Yadav, it was the first plane of its kind built inside India.

Bringing the plane down and to the exhibition

But as you know, every good news comes with a catch. The rooftop of Yadav’s apartment was less than half the area of a tennis court. The challenge now was to bring the aeroplane down to the ground and get the exhibition management (government) give him permission to display it.

aeroplane on rooftop
credit: AMOL YADAV

When Yadav asked the governments permission for letting him display his homebuilt aeroplane in a local exhibition, the government organisers refused. It was not after a lot of persuasion on his part; the officials nodded their head in favour.

Everything then happened in a matter of few hours. Yadav and his family/crew decided to dismantle the plane overnight. They then removed the engine, the wings and the tail. An electric crane was used, which was made by them on the rooftop, to help lower the plane parts to the ground, where two trucks were stationed. The plane was then taken to the exhibition and assembled there.

And you know what? People absolutely loved the plane. It gathered a crowd and a lot of media attention.

bringing down an aeroplane from rooftop
credit: Amol Yadev

Twitter was full of praise

Yadav has spent USD 800,000 of his money in his plane-making quest. He has sold his property and even family jewellery in pursuing his dream to start India’s first commercial plane-maker company. Talk about being crazy determination? He has all his bets on himself. 

The plane is yet to take its maiden flight; pending aviation authorities approval. So there are still some difficulties left between Yadav and his dream coming true.

Would you dare to bet on yourself to such an extent? Is it crazy?

Feature image via Thrust Aircraft Company facebook page