Being a woman, makeup infatuates me. I hope you all can relate to that insane obsession of buying makeup that comes over every few weeks or so! Long story short, if I spent as much money on these makeup expeditions of mine, I won’t have enough to eat! Branded makeup sure is expensive!

However, years of searching, buying and testing out products has led me to find some special products that work wonders for me but are quite affordable. This is the kind of makeup that everyone can buy. Yes, we all want to go posh every now and then spending thousands of Rs. On a Morphe palette or Kylie lip-glosses. However, these luxuries are rare. So, here are some great makeup products that work magnificently but are not at all expensive!

The Makeup Foundation

Best foundation makeup
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Let’s start with the base. Ladies, let’s face it we are ready to spend as much as it takes to get that photoshopped look. However, these products are often on the higher side. After going through a number of brands, I would recommend trying Maybelline Dream Liquid Moose. The Bottle contains 30ml of product and can easily last you 6 months. The foundation itself has great coverage and sticks to your skin flawlessly. You can also try the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. The best part is that both products are available in the range of Rs. 1200, which is very convenient considering the deal you are getting.


best kajal makeup
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Of course, we can’t leave Kajal out of or makeup look. A Kajal pencil is one essential that you have to carry around everywhere. A simple whip and you are all refreshed for the day. However, kajal can be thick, smearing, not waterproof, and difficult to apply and so much more. Plus, some can be really expensive. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to put cheap lead products in your eyes either. These problems led to the discovery of a kajal that I simply adore, The Color Studio Professional, Smudge Proof Eyeliner. This is one of the best things in life. Available in a jet black and brownish black color, the kajal costs around Rs 300 Rs, but is one makeup product that you won’t regret!

Dried Eyeliners

Best eyeliner makeup
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We all know what a struggle eyeliners can be. Maintaining their consistency so that they work when its time is the real trouble. I recommend buying gel or solid eyeliners. These come in a small bottle with a brush. You can easily wet the brush, soak it in the bar or the gel and apply smoothly whenever you like. The liner lasts forever and applies flawlessly. These eyeliners outrun its cost by a major mile! Try the tab or the gel, and you will fall in love with it for sure!

Eyeshadows for the Completion

Best eyeshade makeup
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We know you want to glam up for a party now and then. Sometimes spending Rs. 10,000 on an eyeshade palette just isn’t feasible. Well, thankfully, there are a number of local brands that produce quality products. Although skeptical at first I gave the Glamourous eyeshade palette a try. I was stunned by its pigmentation, consistency, and variety. For only 1200Rs to 2500Rs. You can get an entire palette with all shades of the rainbow. Plus, there are matte as well as embossed shades to suit your preference. You don’t need to be thoughtful about pigmentation because each shade carries a stunning result. I am certainly in love with this affordable palette.

All in all, after exploring makeup for so many years, I have come to the decision that expensive is not necessarily the best. In fact, many cheap dupes are actually better. You need to experiment within your range to find a product you can afford. Looking pretty shouldn’t be expensive, and the products above can surely complete your look for far less than you imagined!