The Grand Finale of Pepsi battle of the bands is finally done, and we cannot believe who won! Yes! Along with star-studded shows, the episode also announced the winner of the battle. We are pleased to see its Kashmir! After a legendary struggle for the title between Badnaam and Kashmir, the title was given to the real heroes.

The Star Show Itself

Pepsi Battle of Bands
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The versatile Ayesha Omar was joined by her co-host for the finale, the engaging Wasay Chaudhry. Mutually they unveiled the four judges, Fawad Khan, Shahi Hassan, Meesha Shafi and Atif Aslam. Initially, the show was filled with mesmerising performances by the judges themselves and the guests. Later on, there were performances by the finalists. Let’s take a recap of the journey to the top of the two finalists. Shall we?


Badnaam Team members
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This band was driven by the Skillet. The Badnaamis are rowdy rockers as they do not really let others assess them. However, whatever they perform, people cannot help dancing to the tune!

The Sufi rock-band has an amazingly great control over their musical instruments, their execution, and their songwriting ability. Although they have only 3 members, their particular style exudes originality.

Badnaam’s Alif Allah and unique version of Kaala Jora gained them the approval of the majority of their fans. Furthermore, their tunes hit the right peaks, and all the pitches fall perfectly. Admittedly, these songs were the base of badnaam’s fame.


Kashmir performing Soch
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On the other side, Kashmir had standout performers. Probably, the complete opposite of Badnaam, Kashmir has its own rules and rhythms which it plays perfectly. What’s more, their audio resonates with listeners, and their soulful music regularly enchants your heart. Clearly, accomplishing success with the incredible Aamir Zaki’s famous Mera Pyar’ is not a small accomplishment. Initially, they joined the competition with a cover of E.P.’s Hamesha and told everyone that they were here for the win!

Bilal vocalist of Kashmir, Singing
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Kashmir has proven its worthiness with stunning tracks like Budha Baba. However, this song did lead it to the danger zone, from which they escaped with the fantastic ‘Soch. From Bilal Ali’s tone of voice to the tunes of the primary guitarist, Vais Khan. Kashmir has tons of talent that allowed them to touch the heights. The band has not disappointed through the concert events.

Kashmir’s ‘Ankahi‘ mashup was my personal favourite, it takes me back in time quite literally.

Badnaam and Kashmir offered their final performances on the show prior to the results. Clearly, their improvement throughout the show was truly extraordinary. All in all, this helped bring a few of their finest originals to the Grand Finale.

Both bands played their part well and took us down memory lane in a series of flashbacks. The overall improvement was huge and their bond with the show even bigger. Furthermore, their relatives and buddies were also present at the Finale to cheer them on and support them.

The Finale

Kashmir performed Parwana hun, offering it with all that they had. Admittedly, From keyboards and tempo to bass and drums, all the musical instruments unified to make a mesmerising audio. Also, Vais had his standard magic on guitars, and Bilal swept everyone away with his stunning vocals.

Badnaam performed Deh Khudaya, and it appeared like they were conserving their finest for last. All in all, the trio, Lala Ahsen, Rahim Shahbaz and their front man Ahmed Jelani, perfectly merged the music of the Sufi saints with some Rock!

In the end, it all came down to a heartfelt pause as the suspense peaked and Kashmir was crowned winners. Although Badnaam played its part well, it was Kashmir who took the title home. Truly, it was a legendary battle to live through! Out came the flood of tweets.

Badnaam also had fans rooting for them

Until next year!!

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