Jeremy McLellan: the new “Pindi boy” in Town

In all honestly, comedy shows are already one heck of an event to look forward to. But imagine having an American comedian (Jeremy McLellan), who’s OBSESSED with biryani, is well-versed in Pakistani politics and literally burns twitter up with his hilarious yet subtly implicative tweets, dissing many corrupt American and Pakistani politicians—you’ve got the perfectpindi boy package right there!

McLellan, starting his career as a comedian about a year ago, rapidly rose to popularity with his earnest, candid perspective of the American society. His complete devotion to biryani along with his support for the diversity of the American population has led him to be one of the most respected by Pakistanis.

Upon his arrival in Lahore early this August, thousands of Pakistanis from all around the world tuned in on snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and twitter to welcome McLellan to the “desi side.” Despite his Margala Hotel experience (for more details, click here), from the pictures and rowdy live video updates on social media, we can all be pretty sure that Pakistan has indeed won the American comedian’s heart a thousand times over. It must have been the authentic biryani.

Thank you Jeremy McLellan for giving Pakistan the opportunity to welcome you and share our Independence Day with you!

If you guys missed out on McLellans’ adventures, here are a few of his posts and updates throughout his stay: