I am sure you all remember our very own pindi boy. He came and conquered the hearts of us Pakistanis. If it were up to us, we wouldn’t have let him go.

He is the global ambassador for pindi boys and the only pindi boy who is ACTUALLY loved by all Pakistanis.

If you have not heard of him, then shame on you!! 😀 Just kidding. 

To Speed you up

Jeremy McLellan, is an American comedian, who had the guts of visiting Pakistan a short while ago (despite all the media rhetoric) and got so much love here that he decided to become a Pindi boy, taste chayye and binge on Biryani.

The story was:

His friend, Sultan, was going to Pakistan for some dental charity thing, and he asked him to come along. As Jeremy McLellan already had a lot of Pakistani fans in the States, so it made sense to him to go to Pakistan. He raised his own money for the visit and eventually, together with a team of volunteers, ended up providing free dental treatment to nearly 2000 people in a village near Islamabad.

During his stay he visited Lahore and Islamabad, sharing pictures and jokes via his FB fan page and doing stand up comedy shows. Pakistan adored him.

I don’t think even he thought about the type of reaction that he got from Pakistanis.

Recent Development

Recently, he announced that his wife is pregnant.

Get ready! 👶❤️

Posted by Jeremy McLellan Comedy on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

And guess what, Pakistanis are happy to become uncles and aunties.

jeremy mclellan fb comments

*SIGHS* We guess that no matter what happens, people can’t seem to get enough of Raja Jeez and Pindi bw0yZZZ…

One guy must have been a good graphic designer. He tagged Jeremy in a photoshopped national identity card of Pakistan, with a message that he has attached the pre-arrival identification of the body.

I have the best fans

Posted by Jeremy McLellan Comedy on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Waisay aapas ki hi baat hai. Bhai! bacha Jeremy ka ho rha hai aur khushy humain charhy ha.

Nevertheless, it’s we Pakistanis. We people are full of emotions, and we love to celebrate every victory, even though this one belongs to Jeremy Mcllelan.

Pakistanis have a great sense of humor, and everyone treats Jeremy, equivalent to a national level hero. The guy did a phenomenal job to remove hatred and misconceptions about Pakistan. And, we sincerely thank him from the core of our heart.

And we are extremely happy for Jeremey. I am sure Jeremy will raise him/her to be a true patriotic Pakistani.

Jeremy himself confirmed that:

Gotta start them young

Posted by Jeremy McLellan Comedy on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

If it’s a girl, how cool would it be if he names her “Pakizza”? :’)

What do you guys say? 

Feature Image via Jeremy McLellan’s Fb page