Apple announced that the “all” new iPhone X would be released on 3rd November. As expected, my newsfeed is filled with iPhone reviews and memes. This was inevitable because there is always much hype whenever Apple releases a new product. We all knew the iPhone is always expensive for us regular folks, but damn, starting from $999.


$999? Really? Well no. This is a US price, and it does not include sales tax. It will not only cost more in the US, depending which state you are in, but it will cost even more in different countries:

UK: $1338

Russia: $1390

EU: $1376

UAE: $1116

China: $1280

iPhone’s superior OS

I will admit it, grudgingly, but Apple products are classy and efficient. Their sleek and aesthetic look makes them eye candy for most of us. Their OS is always top notch. I mean Windows copied from Macintosh, but it never performed as well as the original. The Android too was copied from iOS, but when iPhones work seamlessly after a year or two, the Android starts to lag and malfunction. That being said, Android’s hardware is almost always superior to that of the iPhone, with cool new features that people like.

iPhone X vs premium Android devices Display

Let’s take a look at the “cool” new features iPhone X has brought us:

OLED display.”


This is basically like Super AMOLED display but sounds cooler.

1125 x 2436 pixels (~458 PPI pixel density)

Okay, this one is decent, but

– Samsung S8+ has 1440 x 2960 pixels (~529 PPI pixel density) 

– LG V30 has 1440 x 2880 pixels (~537 PPI pixel density)

– LG G6 has 1440 x 2880 pixels (~564 PPI pixel density)

To be fair, Apple’s “Super Retina HD display” sounds way better even though Samsung S8 is $780, LG V30 is $800, and LG G6 is $650.

The chipset and the processor is a bit better than the Android phones available in the market, and we all know the camera is always great, but LG cameras are giving iPhones a run for their money.

Face ID

This marvel of software is a nightmare. We got passwords so we could secure our data, our pictures, our details. With a fingerprint scanner, this security was significantly compromised. All anyone had to do was get you to press your finger to the sensor and poof; your privacy is gone. Moreover, now this Face ID. “Attention awareness” pfft, what a joke. All that requires are your eyes open, and your facial muscles relaxed, somewhat. Also, there is a significant factor of your facial scans going into defence databases of certain countries, but that is a discussion for another time. Btw, the face ID will not work if you have makeup on, or if your skin is oily.

Touch ID is no more in iPhone X. I LIKED TOUCH ID


Now how big is the battery of this iPhone X?

2716 mAh.

S7+ has 3600 mAh. LG v30 and G6 both have 3300mAh.

Via mobilesyrup (LG v30)




Here are a few apprehensions from the public on Twitter:

All in all, iPhone might be suitable for you if you can spend $1000+ on a 2nd best hardware device if it makes you feel better but in my humble opinion, you are better off with something which has a flexible software, better hardware and a little cheaper.

P.S. If you are still wondering, NOTHING is worth your kidney. So don’t even think about it.

Feature Image via Business Insider