How to Motivate Yourself On ‘Off’ Days

We all have ups and down in our life, and every now and then something happens that can really turn you ‘off’. It’s usually these days that you simply lack motivation and don’t want to be bothered with the world. So, how do you turn yourself around? Although it can be tough, here are 5 ways that you can use to turn your ‘off’ day into a something constructive.

Fake it ’till you make it

Yes, we all know this well-known saying, nevertheless many of us fail to find the real truth to it. A lot can be done by making a move, even if you are just practicing, the more you do it the better you’ll get at it. That is true with almost everything, from training a sport to learning or even making yourself heard until you truly become confident.

When it gets tough to actually go on, remember this; if you believe you do not have the abilities or knowledge to take action, go on and pretend that you do. Eventually, everything you think you can do, you will actually be able to do it.

Baby steps

Success is not really a mad dash to the final range. As Martin Luther King, Jr. Once said, “If you cannot journey, then run, if you cannot run then walk if you cannot walk then crawl, but whatever you choose to do, you have to move forward.”

You can start by small steps. It’s those rough days where improvement is slower that may lead anyone to the most success. Remember, any progress is progress. You just need to keep an eye on your reward.

Be passionate

When your willpower is draining, don’t be worried. Willpower isn’t something that anyone has in unrestricted quantities. Psychologists believe that willpower is like a muscle. It could get stressed as time passes, it will deplete when it’s overused. That is why you will need to give attention to your passion to truly get you through.

“Passion is energy,” Oprah Winfrey once said. “Feel the energy that originates from concentrating on what excites you.” Regardless of how hectic your entire day gets, keep your goal in front. That little thought that had you start whatever you were doing, it’s that thought that will get you through.

Eat up

Anyone who’s seen a Snickers commercial can understand what hunger means, but did you know being famished also triggers stress to skyrocket and your desires to plummet? When you’re depressed, every other depressing factor gets multiplied. At exactly the same time, your body demands food also, but eating is usually the very last thing in your thoughts when the workday gets crazy.

A great way to control your body, when everything is going haywire is to get a snack, or perhaps a full meal. Even though you aren’t that hungry, just a little food can clear your brain, release endorphins, and present you the energy to take care of a hard day.

Drive right towards it

Motivate yourself

Driving directly into what’s bothering you may seem to be counterintuitive, if not completely terrifying. Nonetheless, it makes sense. If the workload is bothering you, putting it off will probably frustrate you even more. Recall those school assignments we waited for the 11th hour to create? Please remember how that affected our temper and our day.

Yes, it can be disturbing to have an off day. However, you need to focus on making the most out of it. Try and make what little progress you can. Clear your mind, replenish your energy and set a game face to meet the challenges. The dusk will pass and by then, you must have something to show for the day.