After reading the title, you must be thinking that maybe I am making this up just to get your attention. I am actually not, I can not be more serious about this. I was reading about this the other day and it was intriguing, thought I should share it with you guys.

Muslims did defeat Dracula.

What? How? Dracula? Vampires? A myth out of a novel?

Let me take you on a quick tour of history when Ottomans ruled the world (well not actually but they were a power to reckon with). Mohammad Al Fatih (aka Mehmed II) began his invasion of Eastern Europe. The place of Wallachia (now including part of Romania) was regarded by the Ottomans as a buffer zone between them and the Kingdom of Hungary. For a yearly tribute, they did not get involved in their affairs.

But Wallachia was very weak, they had a choice between The Empire of Hungary and The Ottoman Empire to defend themselves from Transylvania (also present-day part of Romania).

Mohammad Al Fatih proposed that if the two sons of the ruler of Wallachia (Vlad II) would stay with the Ottomans to ensure his loyalty. The Ottomans will protect them from Transylvania, Vlad II (the ruler of Wallachia) readily agreed to terms of the Ottoman Sultan.

Now, the two sons, Vlad III and Radu, began their education at the centre of the Muslim world. They both studied modern education as well as Quran. Radu became a Muslim, while Vlad did not.

vlad dracula
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After the completion of their education, Ottomans decided that they cannot send a Muslim to rule over Christians so they sent Vlad.

We now know Vlad III as Dracula. The word Dracula means “Son of Dracul” (son of devil or dragon). After his father became the member of Order of the Dragons (founded to stop Ottoman expansion in Europe) he was given the name of Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Dragon or devil). To be precise in the Eastern European language (Slavic), Dracula means Son of Dragon and in Romanian, Dracul means the devil.

Due to Vlad III reputation, stories about him spread quickly (also due to the invention of the printing press) and he was referred in stories as Vlad the Impaler, Dracula, Drakula or Dracul in all those stories.

You may wonder, why? Why such a strong hateful name for a young individual?

Vlad the Impaler

This is because when the Ottomans sent Vlad back to Wallachia, he betrayed them in an extremely horrific way.

An envoy was sent by Mehmed II to urge Vlad to pay tribute but he refused and asked the envoy to take their turbans off their heads. When they refused (as it is said that they said they only remove their headgear in front of ALLAH), Vlad ordered to nail their turbans into their heads.

Or maybe he used this as a pretext to kill the envoy. 

Obviously, that unleashed a call for war.

Vlad was pure evil. He began a barbaric method of killing known as “impaling”. In impaling, a sharp object such as a spear is inserted through a person from one end and it is driven through the body until it comes out from either the chest or the shoulder or the head. He was also known for other extremely horrific punishments, that I just cannot write down here. (Yes, they were that barbaric). 

After the incident of killing the Ottomans envoy- The sultan sent Hamza Pasha, ruler of Nicopolis (present in Greece), to eliminate or make peace with Vlad III. On his way, he along with his 20,000 men were ambushed. Almost all of them were impaled by Vlad III.

Yes all of them.

vlad dracula chaos
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The Ottoman army then faced off Dracula. In fact, Dracula’s own Muslim brother (Radu) faced him. Due to his gruesome nature, even Christians backed off their support from Vlad in this battle. Vlad retreated to the mountains but was later captured. Radu put him in prison, but after the death of Radu, Dracula was released.

Finally, in 1476 the forces of Sultan Mehmed II faced the forces of Dracula in Bucharest, Romania. Dracula’s army was overrun in a blitz, and all were killed, including Dracula himself.

The vampire had been slain.

His head was separated from his body and was impaled at the gate of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) for about 2 – 3 months.

This was the demise of Dracula, and to this day, many people still don’t know that Muslims defeated Dracula.

It is said that fictional character “Dracula” created by Bram Stoker in 1897 horror novel was inspired by Vlad the Impaler aka the real Dracula.