Yesssss, you read that right.

The new Harry Potter game will be built on the concept of Pokemon Go. That means augmented reality for all the Harry Potter fans.

You will be able to experience the Harry Potter world like never before.

In 2016, Pokemon Go was built by Niantic Labs. The game became an overnight success. People went crazy. I am sure you saw something related to the game on social media, people walking on the roads while seeing the way through their mobile phones. YES ? NO? Anyhow all they were doing was trying to become a Pokemon Master by catching variation of Pokemons.

Reportedly, almost 45 million players daily played the blockbuster game, and the game earned a staggering revenue of more than 1.2 billion dollars.

What made Pokemon Go different than all the rest of the available games was its uniqueness to connect a person with his/her physical surroundings.

It is the 21st century – an age of digital technology, but still, you need your due share of exercise for the sake of your health. Pokemon Go had a physical aspect to it that made the game unique. In order to catch a Pokemon, you would have to travel. The rarer Pokemons were hidden inside shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and far off places.

This was a refreshing take on the whole gaming scene. It was something that completely changed the whole concept of gaming. 

We hope same is the case with this upcoming Harry Potter game.

Imagine picking your favorite house and then going on quests to find the cup of Triwizard Tournament or battling different “wizards” to gain more experience and becoming the ultimate duelist.

Here is a tweet from the game’s twitter handle announcing that the game is coming to mobile.

There had been similar rumors about Harry Potter game being developed by Niantic, a year before. But they were just rumors. We didn’t hear any official statement. Oddly enough, even the original post which started the rumor was pulled off the web. This time the news about the application come from official sources, but details about this exciting game are still missing.

Co-developed by Warner Bros, Interactive and Portkey Games, the game is set to hit multiple virtual platforms in 2018.


As usual, some people had reservations about the game:

And some were delighted:

We don’t know how it will perform. We can only speculate. If you ask me, I think it will be a huge hit regardless of the functionality of the app.

I am super excited for this. Are you?

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