The innocent looking Hania Amir with her chirpy attitude and a cute dimple just got into a lot of trouble. The latest heartthrob of Pakistan found herself knee deep in a lot of hate and debate.

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Here’s a quick recap of what went down!

How did It begin?

After having worked on big scale media projects, the actress has been flying really high. One such flight became extremely turbulent, as Hania Amir was accused of harassing a fellow passenger.

A snapchat video surfaced with Hania, in her usual happy mood, laughing. The video seemed innocent and harmless until Hania started doing something rather extremely odd. The actress tried recording a passenger in the back seat. She was actually trying to show how uncomfortable the passenger went as soon as he realises he may be in the snap. Hania was finding this passenger struggle to get out of her snap rather amusing.

Here you can see the video here:

The Reaction

Although Hania Amir was trying to be funny people were not amused.

Everyone quickly came to the rescue of the unknown passenger, and labelled Hania’s act as harassment!

The debate

Some serious issues were also brought to light by this incident. People began raising questions about gender equality.

Men and women, both, asked how a role reversal here would have resulted in the man being abused and humiliated on a social platform for harassment. It could even have gone to ruining his life.

Other references were brought to light too.

While others spiled pure hate for the poor soul.


We are very quick in labelling everything as harassment. Are we not?

The Apology

Within two days of the video going viral, Hania Amir gave an apology.

Speaking to the Express Tribune Hania stated how she was sorry for the video and how her act had surfaced in the wrong manner.

“My intention was never to harass the man since I do know how it feels to be judged on how I wear my hair, what shoes I wear. Therefore, as soon as the video was uploaded and I saw the snap, I deleted it right there. I wasn’t trying to invade his personal space or anything like that,”

Hania clarified her stance even further while speaking to Nation:

“I’m known for making funny vines and videos, and that was what the video was about. I wasn’t harassing anyone…. That definitely wasn’t what I meant to do. It was just an exchange of expressions between two people, and I found that hilarious at that time. However, I would still like to apologise to everyone about it,” 

One line of thought could be:

She deleted the video as soon as she uploaded it, realising she has gone too far just to get a laugh. Maybe the guy who uploaded the video on Twitter, to highlight what she is doing, could have stopped it from going viral. By just simply not uploading it. I mean the guy in the video was trying to hide, for God knows what reason so making the video go viral would have definitely harassed the guy.

Do let us know what you think about the entire ordeal.

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