Ultimate Guide For Clear Skin

Growing up, I had the unfortunate of struggling with acne and oily skin and I am not talking about little breakouts, I am talking about red face with large pimples and my back was filled with painful acne. Due to this, my self-esteem went down the hill which lead to me becoming extremely conscious and shy. After 7 years of long battle with acne and trying dozen and dozen of ways to get rid of it, now, my acne is completely gone from my face and back. If you guys are going through the same problem or you just want to have more clear skin, don’t need to worry or panic as skin guru is here at your service and I will tell you easy yet affecting ways to get rid of acne and for achieving clear skin with a dash of good old inspiring quotes. (cuz what’s life without quotes?)

Before I start with this guide, the first question you need ask yourself is: What is causing your acne? Is it genetics or hormones imbalance? If its hormone imbalance, your acne will get better with time so you all teenagers don’t need to worry. However, if you have acne due to genetics meaning acne runs in the family, it means you need to treat your acne otherwise your acne will not go away on its own and it will leave deep scars on your face if you don’t do anything about it.

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1) Drink Plenty Of Water

 If you want to have clear skin, you need to drink 8-10 glass of water. Period. You cannot expect to have clear skin and not drink water at the same time. The moment I started drinking water, my skin became so so much better and healthier as it keeps your skin moisturized, hydrated and delivers essential nutrients to the skin which is vital for clear skin. If you don’t have the habit of drinking enough water then make it a habit. Keep a 1-litre bottle filled with water and finish it once or twice every single day. I started doing that and yes, in the beginning, it was hard but now I easily finish 1-litre bottle thrice a day so trust me you will get used to it.

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2) Healthy Diet

Remember you are what you eat. You should avoid eating oily, sugary and junk food. You need to have a balanced diet with healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. By healthy I mean no McDonalds, KFC, french fries, pizza etc and I know by now you probably would kill yourself rather than doing that. I know it’s hard like it was hard for me but what you can do is that you can take this healthy diet thing very slowly. If you eat chips every day, start eating it on consecutive days. Then start eating it after 2 or 3 days and eventually once a week. You can do that with any unhealthy thing you are obsessed with. Keep a diary in which you keep the record of unhealthy things you are eating. Sometimes, we eat something and we get breakouts the very next day so also keep track of that and eat that food less often to avoid a breakout. A healthy diet is not just good for skin but also for your body and hair so if you follow this you will end up benefiting your entire body.

Make sure you have a lot of fresh juice in your diet. Eat a lot of vegetables and especially Tomato as its really good for acne. Make your own salad by adding fruits and vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, carrot etc. Just make sure whatever you eat is healthy.

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3) Green Tea

Words can describe how amazing green tea is for skin and your health. Green tea fights bacteria which causes acne and it also reduces scars as it fights against skin inflammation so if you want to fight acne, green tea is your pal. It can do wonders for your skin so if you want to have clear skin, you must drink green tea every day. You can do that either after lunch or before going to sleep. My acne scars cleared up 3 months after I started drinking green tea so it will take time for it to work but once you will see your acne and scars fading, it will be totally worth the wait+

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4) Aloe Vera

When I had acne, my skin was really oily in summers and dry in winters so I couldn’t find anything which would suit my skin until I found Aloe vera. It is perfect for every skin type.Not only Aloe vera is good for your skin but also for your hair so while you are applying it to your face, apply it to your hair for shiny and thick hair. Oiliness and dryness are caused by uneven ph of your skin which can lead to breakout so you need to maintain the ph of your skin and for that, you can’t find anything better than Aloe Vera. It will help fight acne and also reduce your scars. You can buy aloe vera gel in the supermarket or you can buy an aloe vera plant from the nursery, which I think is more better. Apply the gel every day on your entire face for 30 minutes and rinse your face with water.

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5) Don’t Touch Your Face

Never ever touch your face if you have acne or even if you don’t have acne. If you press against a pimple, it can lead to scarring and more pimples as it causes inflammation and distress to the skin and you don’t want that so when I say don’t touch your face, I don’t mean it lightly. Everyone around me kept on telling me but I didn’t listen because I thought what do they know. The result was more breakouts, redness, and scarring and my skin became so bad that I am still traumatized by that experience and even now when I have clear skin, I never touch my face.

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6) Soap

When it comes to soap, I personally think we shouldn’t use soap because soap has a lot of harsh chemicals which leads to dryness of skin which causes the skin to produce more oil. Yes, there are mild soaps like Dove but how mild are they? Even dove causes dryness. First, I will share my experience. No matter what soap I used, my skin would become dry and rough so recently I decided to boycott soap. Now, I only apply soap when I have to wash makeup(which is hardly never) or when I apply coconut oil on my face, I wash my face with Dove. By doing this, my skin has never been better as it has become so soft and smooth. 

So, what I prefer is that if you have extremely oily skin, apply soap in the morning before going to work or school and after you come home and before going to sleep, wash your face with water and no soap. Keep a bottle of rose water with you entire day and spray it on your face if your skin gets oily. It will absorb the oil and make your skin look fresh.

 If you have dry skin, don’t apply soap at all because it will only cause more dryness. People think that our face will only become clear if we wash it with soap and that’s not true at all. Dirt can be wash away with water so you don’t have to rub your face with soap to make it clean.

Face masks are excellent for skin and serve the same purpose as soap but only better. Apply face mask on your face every day instead of using soap. My favorite face mask for oily skin is clay mask. After I use to come home from school, I used to apply that instead of soap. It made my complexion brighter and my scars started to fade. If you have dry skin then either apply aloe vera then wash with water or make a face mask my adding a tablespoon of milk with few drops of lemon. Flour is also very good for your skin. It even outs your face color, makes it clearer and removes your facial hair. if you have dry skin add milk in it and if you have oily add water with few drops of lemon in it.

7) Sunscreen

In summers you will notice that your skin has become more red and itchy. That is because your skin is getting exposed to UVB rays so either applies sunscreen or wear a hat every time you are in the sun to avoid redness which makes your skin looks worse

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8) Moisturize

No matter what your skin type is, moisturize. Even if you have oily skin. I always found this absurd that why should I moisturize if I already have oily skin?. later on, I realized why and as I have mentioned above, the reason your skin is oily is that your skin is deprived of its natural oil, most probably due to soap, so your skin produces more oil. Then, the next question is which moisturizer is the best? I am against any products which are not natural and man-made because no matter how much they say they have added Aloe Vera or oil in it, it is still artificial with a lot of chemicals and it is also expensive. They can react to your skin and makes it worse so I always encourage to use a natural product. Honey, milk, coconut oil and aloe vera are best examples for a natural moisturizer.

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9) Don’t Apply Makeup

It’s really hard not to get conscious when you have acne so you try to hide it with makeup but remember your face might look better temporarily but will end up ruining your skin. As long as you have acne, don’t apply makeup and the ingredients in the product might react or irritate your skin making your pimples really red after you take it off. You need to find the right concealer of the right brand or an oil free foundation and so much more so it’s just better that you don’t apply makeup because, in the process of finding the right product and applying various products, you will make your skin worse, itchy and red.

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10) Exercise

Exercise helps acne breakouts as it reduces stress. It also opens pore, increase blood circulation which nourishes your skin.For exercises you can do anything like you can play sports, run or do cardio. It’s your choice. However, do remember to wash your wash after exercising as sweat can clog your pores which lead to acne.

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11) Don’t Stress

The more you stress, the more you will get breakouts. That’s why some people get pimples before exams. By stress, I also mean don’t stress about acne. Don’t worry it will go away and don’t become self-conscious because of it. The biggest problem for me was not acne but the problem of self-confidence that came along with it and I thought I looked ugly with it but that was not true. Our biggest mistake is that we think we look so bad and feel humiliated because of it and the only reason is as we value physical appearance. Who you are as a person also matters. Your outer self is not more important than how you are from inside. It’s not your fault you have acne so you should own it. So what you have acne? It doesn’t make you a less of a person nor it makes anyone superior than you. There are more important stuff in life other than acne so if you have acne it’s not the end of the world. Don’t let acne become the reason for you not speaking up in the class or not taking part in competitions. Do what you have to do and if someone has a problem with your acne and tries to bully you then there is something wrong with them, not you. When you are a teenager, you might think its end of the world when you have a zit but when you will grow up you will realize how silly you were stressing over something which will go away eventually so hold your head up and embrace your flaws as your flaws don’t make you unattractive or ugly but make you unique and beautiful.