White walkers have been there for a while now, yet little is known about their true objective. Where they come from, what they really want and why they absolutely hate humans – is not known. From all that we have seen, they seem determined in killing humans. But, killing alone cannot be their only objective. Right? There gotta be more to it! I am sure like me, a lot of GOT fans have still been wondering about the true intentions of the White Walkers.

According to what we have seen on GOT up till now, here are five things we know about White Walkers:

1 – White Walkers have control over Ice and Cold

WW riding in ice and snow

The White Walkers seem to have many magical powers. The degree of their true powers is still unknown. One of the power is that they can influence cold and ice. A cold icy breeze seems to follow the walkers, wherever they go. There no scenes with the Walkers have been beyond THE WALL. So it is not yet certain whether this power will still hold true South of THE WALL.

2 – Made of Ice

Jon Snow killing a white walker GOT

Well, though not sure if is ice or glass, from what we have seen whenever they are stabbed with a special sword or dagger (more on that down below) they seem to be shattered into small pieces as if it is ice or glass. In season 5 episode 8, Jon fights a walker and luckily with the help his awesome sword, he is successful in killing, I mean shattering the Walker.

3 – They can Resurrect the Dead

3 whigts standing GOT

Most of the Night Kings army is not of White Walkers, but rather the dead that have been resurrected. These resurrected dead are known as WHIGTS. The resurrected dead mostly consists of the dead members of the wildlings and the night’s watch.

4 – Able to turn a Newborn male baby into a White Walker

Baby lying and WW in the background

This is the saddest thing for the humans. Walkers can actually turn a newborn male baby into a blue-eyed walker with a cold touch of the finger. It seems the babies need some extra protection. If walkers ever end up crossing THE WALL (*spoiler alert: which they actually do in the last episode of the season 7), this actually could turn into a huge problem. As more babies turned into Walkers means a bigger army for the Night King.

5 – Valyrian steel and Dragon Glass can kill them

All is not bad news for the people South of The Wall. The Walkers, despite possessing a lot of magical powers, can still be killed. A regular sword cannot withstand the icy blades that the walkers carry. It just shatters the moment they strike with each other. But, a sword made out of Valyrian steel can actually kill walkers.

Jon snow holding Valyrian Steel Sword

In episode 8 of season 5 (Hardhome), Jon Snow fights a walker. The moment Jon’s sword, Longclaw, strikes with Walker’s icy blade, it makes a tingly sound – sound when a metal strikes with metal. The moment this happens, the sense of shock can be clearly seen on the face of the Walker. But, sadly only a dozen of Valyrian Steel swords are left in the world, and the art to forge Valyrian steel sword has been lost with the doom of Valyria.

Sam holding dragonglass

The other material that can kill the walker is – the Dragon Glass. The first scene in which this became evident, is the one in which Sam Tarly tries to fight off the walker (Episode 8, Season 3). Sam stabs the walker with the dagger made of dragon glass, without even knowing what will happen. But, much to his relief, it kills the Walker. With Sam’s research in the citadel, he has been able to find the whereabouts of the Dragon Glass – an entire mountain of it is beneath the ground of Dragonstone. Now, this is good news – Dragon Glass daggers forged in huge quantity can be a tipping factor in the coming war.

Now, this is good news – Dragon Glass daggers forged in huge quantity can be a tipping factor in the coming war.


GOT still hasn’t depicted us the true intentions of the White Walkers. They do seem to speak in some sort of language, but since no one understands it, so it seems highly unlikely someone would ever be able to negotiate a truce.

The magical powers that the walker possess and the fact that the Valyrian steel swords are in short supply seems to suggest the extinction of humanity is a possibility. In addition, now sadly the walkers have also killed one of Danery’s dragon (Vesrion), and resurrected it, which means it will fight for the Night King’s army.

eye of the night king's dragon

The way the GOT has surprised its viewers by taking them through twists and turns, it seems we are yet to witness more on White Walker story. How bad or good that story will turn out to be, I guess we have to wait to find out.

Credits: HBO