All you desi girls out there, you must have heard of Bobby Brown, Mac, L’oreal and Estee Lauder. They are the top high-end foundation brands in Pakistan without any shadow of a doubt. Yes, they work beautifully on our already flawless skin’, but you MUST try these. I have no idea why are they not that popular in Pakistan, I just love them.

Okay, maybe I do not love all of them but most of them.


  1. URBAN DECAY (NAKED) Foundations
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Urban Decay would be one of my top three favorite foundations of all time! It’s creamy, and non-weighty texture allows for the best medium-light coverage I could ask for. For those of you with combination to dry skin, you need this. Plus side? It’s buildable as well. Too bad Pakistan, while having these in stock at some stores, doesn’t have this in massive retail.

  1. SEPHORA range Foundation
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Also top three! Have you tried the teint infusion range? Either way, both cream foundation, the sticks and the dropper foundations provide light to full buildable coverage for oily, dry and combination skins. It may be the cheapest product line you can buy at Sephora (mainly why I bought it). However, they’re also pretty well formalized to perhaps top over BareMinerals. Just an opinion.


This foundation line is more for people with oily skin. It could be for combination or dry. However, they cake up easily with the wrong skin type. Make Up Forever Foundations have a dense, creamy texture that doesn’t seem to run. A small drop would be enough to cover your entire cheek. So it runs out pretty quickly, especially since they come in little bottles.

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ALSO a top three! Lancome foundations are part of the expensive foundations in the high-end side. However, these foundations are so light, easy to use and lasting! A bottle usually lasts six to seven months depending on your daily use and coverage. The thing about these foundations is that they provide medium to full coverage with the least amount of pumps possible. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand. Might, in fact, be worth the money!

  1. MARC JACOBS Foundation
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I’ll admit, I’m not really familiar with this foundation range as I’ve tried this only a couple of times. However, I’d say Marc Jacobs Foundation line is similar to Too Faced and NARS. It’s buildable and a bit on the heavy side. There are mixed reviews on this especially since Marc Jacobs is better known for its lipsticks and scents in the beauty field. But I’d still say that it has potential and works well regarding coverage on some skin types, mainly oily and combination.

  1. CLINIQUE Foundations
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Admit it, you all, at some point get into the emergency zit phase where your skins start breaking out spontaneously. CLINIQUE’s line caters to those people who are foundation addicts but still want to abide by the skin scare rules. With numbered and formulaic bottles, this foundation range helps you take care of those zits and skin problems while giving you the coverage you need. However, the coverage isn’t as good as it says, unfortunately. But it’s great for all skin types.

  1. NARS foundations
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This foundation would be one of my second tier favorite foundations. It’s a mix of Marc Jacobs, Make Up Forever and Smashbox. For some it works, for some it doesn’t. It provides medium to full coverage best on oily skin types. The best part of this line is the beautiful creamy, shiny texture it gives on your complexion. Great for parties and night-time outings!

Foundations sometimes are also our ‘no makeup’ look so GOOD LUCK!!!. 

Stay pretty!!!