A WOMAN'S PLACE IS IN THE RESISTANCEYou might not have seen her using feminist hashtags thinking that feminism is a done and dusted issue or there’s nothing more left for feminists to achieve. In fact, it is painfully evident that the global struggle for feminists is far from over.

Every day from the moment she wakes up till she goes to sleep, the fire of feminism keeps on burning inside her. She has to daily fight for feminism. She is a feminist. Here are the five reasons which would further help you carve out the inside truth.

1. She believes in equality between men and women

Yes, every time she goes out instead of sitting behind the four walls to get educated or to work, she’s fighting to achieve equality. She’s sending out a strong message that she is a contributing and a vital member of the society. She will be present among men, standing shoulder to shoulder.

2. She won’t let gender binarism hold her down

Gender binarism which dictates the things that are feminine, how women should and should not act doesn’t cage her at all. She’s her own master and will not let anything or anyone restrict her behavior merely to have them pleased. She’s free to show her emotions, wear whatever feels right and be in full control of the decisions she makes and ultimately, her life.

We Feminists Can Do It!

3. She’s out there fighting to eliminate patriarchy

A system that privileges men over women, limits women to specific roles and holds femininity puny as compared to masculinity. As its consequence women then have to additionally suffer from mansplaining. She won’t accept the male predominance in every field as this is just a way to keep her under control, exploit and bar her from reaching new heights. Therefore, she is working her way up to the very top where she is the one who has the absolute authority. To ultimately create a society with equal say.

4. She stands out against body-shaming, slut-shaming and victim-blaming

Women have been incessantly suffering through these since we are living in a rape culture. Negatively calling her out due to her body weight, the way she chooses to dress and frequently blaming the responsibility of rape on the victim itself are all unacceptable practices. She is told to not dress in revealing clothes, flirt, interact too much or go out by herself especially at night. This is nothing less than victim-blaming, obstruction of freedom and her basic human rights. Until women have to even partially suffer these and held responsible for someone else’s actions, she will be a feminist.

A feminist never gives up

5. She’s pro-planned parenthood and abortion

She should have the right to freely make her own choices about her reproductive health through the availability of proper contraceptive options. Forcing a woman to become a mother due to an unwanted pregnancy against her wishes by creating impediments in access to abortion comes from the same place as excluding her from the right to vote.

Rooting out the injustices so ingrained in our society that people have accepted it as a way of life is why she’s a feminist for, is why she needs feminism for and will persevere to play a constructive role in women empowerment.