I was on my university bus, typing on my laptop while a thought just wonderstruck me out of nowhere.

Why do we wear suits at a wedding?

Is it because of Hollywood inculcation in our minds? I mean let’s face it. A man does look handsome when he wears a suit.

pakistani actor in suit 2
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pakistani actor in suit 1
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There’s also another fact. Pakistan is not a cosmopolitan country. It has yet to experience the influx of global culture. When people don’t meet other people from different countries, the only access they have to their culture is through seasons and movies.

Any exotic piece of culture naturally attracts us as it is presented in the media in that way.

If not suits, then what else?

At this point of my writing, the rain has started. I came to realize that we have alternate options to suits. Sherwani and Lehnga need no introductions. Why do we need to go for western culture, when our own culture has everything of its own?

Lehnga For girls:

model in traditional dress lehnga
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model in traditional dress- lehnga
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Sherwani for men:

model in traditional dress
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model in sherwani
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According to our constitution, English is our official language, which is to be used inside our offices. Our stereotypical society automatically assumes that people going through English medium schools are subsequently ‘better’ than people of Urdu medium schools.

The blind following of English culture is making a case of “Identity crisis.” A phenomenon through the whole nation loses its cultural originality.

But I guess sub-continent was ruled by British long enough that everything the western world does, we treat it something as corporate and class.

Our two cents:

It is good to experience a new culture and learn their language. But, in doing so, never forget that we are Pakistani by birth. The culture of our country is our heritage, and we need to make sure that we do not lose our identity.

I personally think sherwani > suit. What do you guys say? Let us know by commenting below.

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