Esports or Electronic sports. Such a nice ring to it. Ten years back, computer games would hardly be considered as sports. But now, this is a major attraction all around the world.

As technology becomes more and more addictive, the time we spend on it naturally is also on the rise. Major junk of this time is spent (or wasted as most Pakistani parents would say) on computer games. The games are getting more demanding and more complex than ever, but that only means more enjoyment and more fun for us gamers.

Doesn’t it?

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You must have seen this guys picture on the internet somewhere in this past year. He has become the face of Pakistani gaming community and an inspiration to many.

Starting from an early age of seven, Syed Sumail Hassan played DOTA 2, a multiplayer online game. He didn’t have a suitable computer to run DOTA 2, so he went to gaming zones to play. He became so obsessed with it that he sold his bicycle just to get more hours in the gaming zone. Luckily (and shockingly for most of us), his parents recognized his passion and skill for DOTA 2 and moved to the US where they hoped he might have a better shot at playing at the professional tournaments. He was picked up by one of the best teams of US, Evil Geniuses.

evil geniuses poster esports tournament
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He performed poorly in his first tournament, DOTA 2 league Season 5 but quickly redeemed himself by playing marvellously in the next tournaments. He helped his team win the biggest DOTA 2 tournament, The International tournament, securing the first place and a prize of $6,634,661.

the esports dota tournament
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He has been playing DOTA 2 since he was seven, he is 18 now, and has earned $2,602,268. What else can earn you this much at the age of 18?

27 crores, 42 lakh, 13 thousand 990 PKR

Our parents disapprove of eSports as a viable career, just because they are unsure it has a future. Things have changed, it is the 21st century, and Electronic sports has become a viable option as any. Like in every other field to be successful it requires grit and hard work to succeed. And yes, of course, the money is there. A LOT OF IT.

If you are interested in eSports then check this out:

It contains all the upcoming tournaments worldwide according to the game and their prize money. Some prize money is very very lucrative. 

Let’s start gaming? 😉

Feature image via Jakob Wells [CC BY 2.0]