With the growing trend of healthier food consumption, it’s not a surprise that we have now been blessed with vegetable and fruit concoctions to fill our nutrient deficits. Every day we are faced with a new type of fad diet, claiming to help us lose inches off of our body. But we all know that’s a lie.

However, one thing remains sustainably true: natural produces are, for a fact, a good fix for the body for any reason. Whether its fat loss you aim or a crystal clear skin, fruits, veggies, and water, are your best bet. Since consuming 8 glasses of water can be a tiresome task in the winter, here is a recipe for a detox juice. This juice is an excellent way to cleanse the body and also pack it up with the vital nutrients the body needs.

detox drink veges

Added bonus: you won’t have to make frequent trips to the toilet since you only need one glass a day.

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  • 1 medium beetroot.
  • 3-5 medium carrots. (not the ones used in Chinese food)
  • 3-4 celery sticks (use the whole stick and not only the leaves) or 10-12 lettuce leaves.
  • 10-12 spinach leaves.
  • Mint to taste.
  • 1 cucumber.
  • 1 lemon’s juice to each serving.
  • 1 medium-sized apple.


  • Peel, slice, cut all the ingredients.
  • Use a juicer machine to extract the juice.
  • Do not us a bender since this is a juice, not a smoothie.
  • If the taste of the juice is too earthy, thanks to the beets, add a dollop of honey for added sweetness.


  • Regardless of the fact that this juice contains so many green and leafy vegetables, it is still sweet.
  • If fat loss is your aim, I’d suggest skipping the apple in order to cut down on the unnecessary calories it adds to the juice.
  • You can add apples to the juice once or twice a week.
  • Drink the juice at night, before sleeping.
  • Make sure it is the last thing you consume before going to bed.



  • Rich in iron, vitamins and minerals.
  • Results in healthy, plump, and glowing skin.
  • Helps cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Purifies blood.
  • Boosts immunity and metabolism.
  • Flush water from the body, helping to avoid water retention.

detox drink beetroot juice


  • Filled with nutrients like vitamins A, vitamin C, carotenoids, potassium.
  • Has antifungal and antibacterial substances which can help curb and fight acne.
  • High in vitamins and minerals.

detox drink from carrots

Leafy Veggies

  • Celery has high water content.
  • Celery has anti-ageing substances.
  • Celery consists of nutrients like vitamins A and C.
  • Spinach consists of nutrients like iron, folate, chlorophyll, Vitamin E, magnesium, Vitamin A, fibre.

detox drink from leafy veges

This nutrient-dense fighter detox juice is going to help your body flush out unhealthy toxins. Which means a healthier body and plumper skin for you!

Disclaimer: like other natural things, this juice is going to take time to show results. Replace it with tea or a cup of soda at night in order to get into the habit of drinking it.

Have a detox drink recipe? Share it with us in the comments below.