All of us possess different tastes for music, and our green land is popular for its love for the melodious tunes and modern rhythms. We do say; it’s been an incredibly musical month for our country as Pepsi struggles for the best musician out there. The show is back after a long hibernation of 15 years and has recently started airing. Also, the popular Coke Studio season 10 is at its all-time high also! It’s been a month, and both brands are getting ready for a final face-off once more. We all know Pepsi and coke have always been at war with each other, so we are not surprised that the country has parted in favor of one or the other. Let’s see what both shows have in store for all of us.

Pepsi battle of bands judges
via Pepsi Pakistan

Pepsi BOB features some prominent names including, the heartthrob Fawad Khan, the melodious Atif Aslam and the gorgeous Meesha Shafi, probably three of the most famous performers of Pakistan as the shows judges, nail their performances as they pay tribute to Vital Signs and Alamgir on the premier show. They started off their performance with a mixture of Vital Signs ‘Do Pal Ka Jeevan’ and Alamgir’s ‘Dekha Na Tha’. Along, the trio has started judging the exhibitions of 20-30 new skilled teams who will battle for the ultimate prize of Pepsi Battle of the Bands!

The Coke VS Pepsi face-off is very interesting! Both Coke and Pepsi are large brands, and the rivalry was more than expected; we cannot resist the desire to ponder which show will win over the other. Many famous singers and well-known names of the film and TV industry are choosing to side with one brand or the other. Regardless, we do hear that there are many surprises down the road!

Rahat Fateh Ali khan Singing
via Coke Studio Pakistan
Ali Zafar singing Coke Studio
via Coke Studio Pakistan







Ali Zafar and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are Coke Studio’s ‘rock and roll stars,’ plus they pull the tracks off flawlessly, while QB has that implicit swag which is impossible to duplicate!

While in Pepsi BOB, Fawad, Meesha Shafi and Atif each is Pakistan’s most favorite singers, with an enormous fan pursuing which adds a significant advantage for Pepsi, adding massive credits to their name as well. Fawad Khan is back again, performing, which many people, especially his female followers are eagerly hanging around to listen. With that breathtaking jawline and those killer looks, who wouldn’t want to hear this heartthrob sing too?

On the other hand, Coke Studio isn’t idle either. The studio aims for its original joint work in addition to an incredible attempt at Sufi and country music. Despite the fan following of Pepsi, coke studio has a 10-year experience to its credit which gives it a significant advantage over its rival.

Pepsi Faces Criticism?

The battle of the bands demonstrates a flair of vibrant and obscure music artists. These artists portray their charisma in verses and striking rhythms in their journey for the title. About 30-40 rings will be challenged in Pepsi BOB, all from different styles of music. Innovations, new pieces and a flavor of the modern world music will fall in your ears once more.

Shaan standing with a green background
via Shaan Shahid

However, there are still notable names favoring coke. One major downfall came when the great Shaan decided to side with Coke! The prestigious artist from our film industry, Shaan Shahid did not look happy at all with the rebound of the program. He says that Pepsi is trying to copy Coke and is lacking in originality. Well, that is to be expected. There will be some broken hearts and some angry spin-offs, but this is what the Battle of the Bands is all about.

The controversy is stirring the air, and the excitement is looming in every corner. With the show progressing, more and more people are enchanted by the bands and their unique approach to music. Many have sided with individual teams. We too are inspired by the show. Where Coke Studio will always hold its classic charisma, we do admit that Pepsi created a great diversion for music.