Coke Studio season 10 ended roughly two weeks back, and so did Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Those who followed these two shows now feel hollow at the prospect of waiting another year before they get to hear from these people again.

For now, it is time for us to go back in time and relive Coke Studio season 10 and Coke Studio season 9.


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This year Coke Studio’s performance of our National Anthem was spot on. Great composition and it’s our national anthem so obviously we naturally love it. However, last year’s intro Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo was so moving that I have to side with season 9 for the intro.

I still remember when the intro was launched and I was attending a conference. Students from all over the country were there. Before the start of the final day, the organizers played Coke Studio season 9 intro. Everyone watched, and when Amjad Sabri (late) appeared on screen, everyone jumped on their feet and started clapping, their eyes wet. This is the regard and respect we have for our artists. Anyways, back to Coke Studio.

Twitter Prospective

Obviously, no comparison is complete unless we share what people are saying. There was a mixed reaction on Twitter.


Episode 1

For season 9 episode 1, the most viewed songs were Aaqa and Aja Re Moray Saiyaan. In comparison to that, season 10 provided Ranjish Hi Sahi and ALLAHu Akbar. Ranjish Hi Sahi was a tribute to Mehdi Hassan, a legend of Pakistan, with new music while Aja Re Moray Saiyaan was more of a party type. ALLAHu Akbar and Aaqa both were performed brilliantly so let us call this episode a draw.

Verdict: Draw


Episode 2

Episode 2 for season 9 provided Baliye, Afreen Afreen and Bholay Bhalay. QB and Momina ensured their songs were most played in the season. Season 10 was able to supply Tinak Dhin which gained popularity, but Sayonee remake was epic. Season 9 won episode 2 by a close margin of one song.

Verdict: Season 9


Episode 3

In episode 3, season 9 launched Dilruba Na Raazi and Khaki Banda. Sadly, Maula-e-Kul didn’t get a lot of attention. Season 10 episode 3 was just perfect. Every song was great and easily won from season 9.

Verdict: Season 10


Episode 4

Episode 4, season 9 was great. Every song was beautiful in its own way. Season 10 was less challenging. Tera Kiya/Latthay Di Chaaday and Naina Moray were the only good songs. Julie was quite frankly horrible, so that means season 9 won.

Verdict: Season 9


Episode 5

Jhalliya was the only popular song in episode 5 season 9. Similarly, Sab Maya Hai was the only good song in season 10, so we’ll be calling it a draw.

Verdict: Draw


Episode 6

Tera Woh Pyaar gained most popularity from season 9 episode 6, probably because of Momina Mustehsan. Dam Mast Qalandar and Kaatay Na Katay were the favorite choices from season 10. We must appreciate Rachel here for her beautiful notes in the song Kaatay Na Katay. Season 10 won the round.

Verdict: Season 10


Episode 7

The finale of both seasons was great. Excellent songs dipped in a lot of sentiment. Rang and Tu Kuja Man Kuja were the most viewed on season 9. Baanware and Us Rah Par came on top from season 10. Both seasons had tributes for late singers in the last episodes. Season 9, of course, featured Amjad Sabri (late) and Us Rah Par features Strings.

Verdict: Draw


Final Verdict 

It is a Draw. 7 test match series has been drawn with 2 Wins and 2 Losses each. 3 matches were drawn. 

Wait…. What????

Okay, I have to admit this does not feel right. How can it be a draw? I liked Season 9 more, but if you look at it episode by episode, then it feels like a draw. The significant difference is that Coke Studio season 9 produced hits that Coke Studio season 10 just could not match.

A Dedication to the Legends

The good thing about Coke Studio is that they remake old songs, keeping our tradition alive while also offering great new music. They always pay tribute to those artists who are no longer with us, like Aamir Zaki, Junaid Jamshed the former singer, Amjad Sabri, Madam Noor Jahan, etc.

Coke Studio is profound part of Pakistani music industry. Hopefully, they will keep feeding us awesome music.

P.S. All the songs mentioned are clickable links, a click will take you directly to the video of the song, so if you want to go back in time just help yourself. Enjoy!!!

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