Children all over the world are motivated to study to be successful. Every child has his or her own role to play in the future. Whether he becomes an artist, a soldier, a health care provider or an architect, he will serve his function just like so many other people before him.

Despite this circle of life, our generation is confused. Why do I say so? Well, for one thing, at home in Pakistan, inter graduates hardly have any idea of the career availability. More than 80% of the students don’t know where their best interests lie, let alone knowing how to channel their strength. Once you are in a University you have already, in a way, decided your career path.

Our Generation is blindfolded

doors to different careers

You can call it lack of awareness or simple ignorance, but the majority of students coming out of colleges have no idea about their future career. Many give in to peer pressure and choose a career path that was never meant for them. Keeping in mind the concept of work gratification, these students will never be completely content with their job. Dedicating your life to a profession that you don’t want to or are not built for is a serious issue.

If you are fortunate enough to study in a first world country, then you will know that they take career counselling very seriously. Students undergo career counselling from a very young age. In Pakistan, not much is being done to fix the problem.

What is the issue?

stickies with career paths written on them

Lack of counselling means that a student doesn’t know about a specific career path in the first place. Majority of occupations require degrees or qualifications that our students are not aware of. When they don’t know that a certain path exists, how will they ever choose it?

If you are not a doctor or an engineer most of the people here, in Pakistan, will think maybe you were not competent enough. Of course, that is just not true. 

Who is to blame?

We can’t put the blame on any one person. Instead, multiple factors are at play here. However, the majority of the problem can be attributed to our educational institutes. These are the nurturing factories. It is their primary job to not only educate children but also broaden their choice and perspective. The society, institutions, teachers and finally, the parents all share some part of the blame as well.

How can we fix it?

man jumping from one job to another

Our generation is full of potential that needs to be utilized, in order to maximize diversity we need to introduce the variety of careers in the final years of school. Introducing career guidance classes will not only show students that a certain career option exists but will also tell them about the positives and negatives about a particular path.

Furthermore, we can also incorporate actual professionals in these classes. Special people who represent a certain career line can inspire students much more than simply reading to them. These live examples can strike a child’s imagination and will help link with him at a level that will be useful for the their future.

All in all, career guidance is a major problem in our country at the moment. We house enormous potential. However, this potential is not being put to its best use. Fixing the problem isn’t hard after all. We just need to be vigilant and broad-minded to be able to correct this issue at an early age so that we can reap the benefits for the years to come!