Hi, I’m an average Pakistani. I love chayye and biryani. My favorite game is cricket, and my hobby is to comment “very nice dear” on every Facebook picture I see.

I love optimism and positivity. I love sharing thought-provoking quotes on social media. Personally, I feel that there should be a positive change in my country. But TBH, I don’t really know what change is?

Wait…I do know what change is. If you mean sharing good stuff on Facebook and taking pride in leading processions, out in the streets with a loud “dhoom dharakka” is change, then I feel that I am on the right track.

I am also very tharki. I lookup/stalk unknown girls on Facebook, I randomly send them friend requests or make fun of them on social media. Hell! I even make fun of them in real life. WHY…? Because it’s a man’s world out there and…that’s pretty much it….or wait! Maybe I’m just a person, who neither has grace nor any manners to treat a woman. It’s not my fault. No-one ever taught me.

I also hate the fact when some random guy sends a request to my sister. I mean how could he? Doesn’t he have his mother or sister? This is the part where my double standards kick in, but like always, “rules are for others not for me.”

I love preaching…not talking about the religion stuff…but generally about everything. What I lack in myself is the practicality. I will tell people to speak well, do no crime, and have no hypocrisy… But, when it comes to practicality, I find myself too lazy or too above these things.

I hate the fact when I am driving on the road and on the signal someone just crosses it on the red light, but obviously, it’s okay when I’m doing it.

I also like to gossip and criticize other people. Even, if they are doing something productive, I just can’t stand that someone is taking the entire spotlight away from my pseudo-intellectualism. I’m greedy, I’m selfish, and even if I have done nothing worthwhile, I still want all the credit.

Sometimes, I wonder, a conscious inside me reminds me of my hypocrisy. From a young age, we are taught or should I say “brainwashed” to love and hate certain things. But we never put these things on the pedestal of wisdom. Maybe deep down inside, I am scared of the powers of logic and reasoning.

Somewhere, I once read “Be the change you want to see in the world”. It’s too late for me, but maybe, you could transform your life and also help guide people around you through logical rationales about doing greater good for the society. I now believe that change inside a country is only possible if a person works on himself and lift others up.


An Average Pakistani

Feature Image via Khabarfeed