Some called her a living corpse, others called her the corpse bride. The list of the horrible names people came up with for this girl goes on and on. Everyone’s newsfeed was filled with this odd looking girl’s photos. Articles were flying here and there, and from her appearance, guesses can be made why so.

In case you have been living under a rock, let us introduce to you, Sahar Tabar and all that has been happened in her story.

sahar tabar after surgery pic
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Who is Sahar Tabar?

Sahar Tabar is a young girl from Tehran (misleading information about her age, hence no specific number is given). Like any other girl her age, she has hopes, dreams, and aspirations. While most of us young girls would aspire to become a doctor, analyst, teacher, or maybe an actor, Sahar… Well, let’s say Sahar had an entirely different agenda.

Sahar Tabar in her Instagram post claimed that said she is obsessed with the Hollywood gem, Angelina Jolie, and admires her beauty beyond comprehensions (that is obvious).


Angelina Jolie and sahar tabar
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But has Sahar always been like this? No.

One of the reasons Sahar shot to social media fame, and attention was that she claims to have undergone 50 surgeries to alter her outlook. Not only that, she has lost a substantial amount of weight too, just to mirror Jolie’s slender physique. The purpose of these many surgeries was an attempt to make Sahar as much identical to Angelina Jolie as possible.


angelina jolie and sahar tabar pic 2
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Moving on.


Sahar’s photos recently started doing rounds on the internet. Her Instagram following jumped up to half a million but most of these followers were trolls, they were leaving behind nasty comments on her pictures.

(Now it seems she has deleted all the trolls. You can check her official Instagram account here.)

Sahar’s change did not resonate well with the audiences. A lot of shade was thrown as how she looked post her dramatic surgeries.

instagram comments instagram comments 2


Before and after

We did some research and were able to unearth some of Sahar’s photos before her transformation and during that phase as well.

before pic of sahar tabar
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Is it just me, or does she look like a younger version of Lady Gaga?

With beautiful, and bright, stunning eyes, Sahar has indeed come a long way from what she looked before.

before after pic 2
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before surgery pic
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Is it real?

A lot of speculation surrounded her photos and videos of Sahar Tabar. Many called this to be a bluff and a hoax. Others credited Sahar’s creepy look for photoshop and prosthetics. Some keen observers were able to point out how Sahar’s features looked way off and different in her videos, compared to her photos, putting forward the possibility of prosthetics, photoshop, or both.

You decide?

sahar tabar photoshop evidence
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The Aftermath

The official account from which the photos came to the internet was deactivated for few days, hinting towards the entire ordeal being a hoax. Or maybe Sahar got sick of everyone giving her horrible nicknames and judging her choices, and she took a break.

When it came back up, she had done some cleaning. Now her Instagram account has much fewer pics and followers.

Sputnik News claimed to publish her interview in which Sahar Tabar claimed that it was all makeup and photoshop. She further goes on to say that she has only Rhinoplasty, Botox for lips and liposuction operations done. You can check out her full interview here.

We hope Sahar is doing well in her life. We try to provide people with the hope and confidence to pursue what appeals to them. In no way whatsoever, we aim at ridiculing someone or bringing someone down. However, we do suggest and hope that every person should make decisions which are not only appealing but have a rational aspect as well. In Sahar’s case, it seems as though it was mostly makeup and photoshop, which all evidence is indicating to. So it is all good.

What do you have to say about Sahar’s story?

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