1 – Hogwarts

Hogwarts was a significant part of Harry Potter. Moving stairways, secret passages, a freaking QUIDDITCH field, a dining hall, ghosts and the essence of ancient history and mystery… who WOULDN’T want to go to school here? Even Petunia wanted it so bad.

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2 – Diagon Alley

Harry potter diagon alley

It’s impossible to know where to start in this amazing, spectacular infinitely long (most likely magical) alley. Bet half of you wouldn’t care much about the fastest broomstick. Especially when there’re robes, wands and pets to get for Hogwarts.

3 – The Burrow

The burrow and the wizards car
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It may not suit most of your “neat and tidy” ideals, but my my my, it has so much potential for fun and adventure. Mrs Weasely would LOVE a manor, but we’d prefer she’d keep the Weasley house just the way it is—messy, perfect, and magical.

4 – Hogsmeade

hosmead sign board

HONEYDUKES. That is all.

5 – The Hogwarts Express

Train going to hogwartsTo get onto platform 9 ¾ and sit in a train taking you to the most wonderful, magical, historical school to ever set your imagination on is #goals. Of course, we’re always looking for an unexpected professor or a showdown with Draco Malfoy someone along the way.

6 – The Ministry of Magic

Ministry of magic in all its hustle and bustle
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Although our (Harry’s) experiences at the Ministry might lead us to feel iffy about going there, maybe under new management, it wouldn’t be so bad? I’d just like to see my prophecy for myself.

7 – Grimmauld Place

Grimmauld black door
via Universal Studios Orlando Diagon Alley from Harry Potter: 12 Grimmauld Place and Kreacher in the window by osseous  [CC BY 2.0 ]
Dingy, stuffy and dark. It may not really appeal to the average person. But it’s the home of a wizard. That is all it will take for some. Especially now that we know where it’s hidden, we can’t miss the opportunity to welcome ourselves!

8 – The Leaky Cauldron

harry potter and his friends sitting in leaky cauldron
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What would some of you give to stay a night with Tom as your inn-keeper? Crumpets are on him! And like Hagrid showed us, it’s the gateway to our precious Diagon Alley!

Well, that’s all Harry Potter fans! You tell us if you have any other places in the Harry Potter world that you’d like to visit.

Feature image via: “The Making of Harry Potter” by Dave Catchpole is licensed under CC BY 2.0