What’s worse than gaining weight and not being able to fit into your favourite pair of jeans? The fact that you have to shed sweat and blood to lose all that weight while gaining it was like eating a piece of cake. Pun intended! I do not think that nobody ever gets excited about working out,  regardless of how much they might need it: be it for vanity, or for health.

Here are just a few of the thoughts you are likely to have during this God forsaken time:

1 – I have been doing this for soooo long now!

While in actuality, its hardly been 20 seconds? Been there, done that. We all can relate to the moment when we have had the idea that we might have completed our prescribed time for a specific exercise, and in reality, we are nowhere even close to the finish line.

2 – Has a minute always been THIS long?

A minute has NEVER felt longer than when you are either trying to do a plank or a wall sit. Somehow, every second feels like an hour, and you are sure that you must have done at least 5 minutes of planking. HA HA HA! Who are you kidding, it has hardly been 25 seconds.

“What in the world? Since when has a minute been that long” is an epiphany you only come across while working out!


3 – If I keep on doing this for another 3 months, I will be fit as a fiddle!

That’s a dream we’ve all dreamt and we’ve all forgotten about the next week. I don’t know who are those people who actually stick to a workout routine for months and months at end. The only people I know have never been to the gym for more than 2 weeks in a row. A promise we all like to break is: I will do this for 3 months. I can do this for 3 months. 

You can, but you won’t.

4 – If I burn as much as I consume, maybe I can eat cake!

I was exposed to this pointless and dumb thought by my friend. She had the bright idea of eating a chocolate cake and then burning it off. As a wise man once said:

If you are aiming to maintain your current weight, sure the thought can sound intriguing. But if you’re aiming for weight loss with that mindset. HAHA, I wish you all the best. Also, do you know how much cardio and resistance training you’d have to do to burn off a small pastry? Let’s not get into that.

5 – I can end this torture if I just eat right!

Now, this is an idea we have every day, as our pants get tighter, and arms get flabbier. However, this is a recurring thought that lasts throughout your workout. Having to undergo undue stress that has become a requirement due to your unhealthy lifestyle compels you to just not reach for that “111-244-622″ number anymore.
But who are we all kidding? I mean, YOLO!

6 – I have 20 minutes left: 5 minutes of the workout, 4 more times!

The calculations never end. The rep multiplication sets estimation, the number of minutes left, amount of hours done, the possible number of calories burnt.

Work out hai ya math class?

7 – CBA!

The final thought you have, right before quitting and returning to you unhealthy ways, is “can’t be assed!” (CBA). You remind yourself how beautiful you are and that you are healthy, even if you have a triple digit weight. And you refuse to put yourself through the torture.

These are just a few of the thoughts we have while trying to complete our everyday workouts. What are some of the thoughts you have? Do let us know.

Featured image via dumbbells.sg