Every Sunday, working people whine about the same thing: Having to go back to work. Even on a low wage, they have to put blood and sweat into their work (or probably just sweat, otherwise it would be creepy). In order to help our employed readers get a little laugh out of their predicament, here are just a few things you can probably relate to.

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1 – The Initiation

Nothing can beat the feeling of starting work at a new place. You are excited, nervous, confused, and a tad bit scared. You have plans to excel in your career and what not!


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The first few days are all fun and games, because it’s induction week and probation period, and everyone treats you like an infant with no sense whatsoever. However, everything beyond that point is a steep fall downhill.

2 – Need More Leaves?

Okay, so the excitement has faded away, and you practically hate your job. You hate having to wake up in the morning and run to your workplace, only to have your supervisor nag about how disoriented you are and how your time management is pitiful.

But, you can’t skip work. Why? YOU USED UP ALL OF YOUR PAID LEAVES!


And also, because you got several warnings from the HR department who are looking out for a reason to sack you.


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3 – Unrealistic Expectations

“Work starts at 9, and you expect me to be there at 8:45?”

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“You’re asking me if I can work during the holidays?”

“You want to know if I would be willing to cover for someone else when I don’t even want to complete my own shift?”

Etcetera, etcetera! The people you work with have so many unrealistic expectations out of you! The digits on your pay cheque are inversely related to how much effort your employers expect you to put into your work.

4 – Ignorant Clients

Anyone who works in customer service hates their job! Dealing with clueless, ignorant, and straight out mindless people (trying to find nice ways to say stupid) is any person’s nightmare.

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From complaining about stuff that’s obviously not your fault, to telling you how to do your job, annoying and uncooperative clients are a BIG NO! Even though you often get appreciated and admired for your interpersonal skills, and you lied on your job application about loving the position which demands high levels of social interaction. In reality, this is what you wanted to write:

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5 – Unappreciative Employer/Supervisor

He/She not only takes the whole credit for your work, but they also think you are kinda stupid for the position you hold. They think you are unskilled and have no “real life” work experience and they would probably fire you in the blink of an eye.

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With supervisors or employers who have zero regard for your efforts and skills, no amount of hard work is ever going to have them pleased with you. So I’d suggest just do a crappy job: lesser effort from you, similar dissatisfaction from them!

*Just kidding. Do your best!

7 – Extended Happiness

Anyone who works will agree to the fact that nothing brightens up their day better than finding out that a cultural or religious celebration (or mourning) takes place on a weekday close to Friday!


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The pure joy of not having to go to work 3-4 days in a week, once every few months, is a minor happiness that you savour every time it arrives. Few days of pure bliss, away from your nagging boss and annoying coworkers. I repeat BLISS!

But when it’s time to go back!

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And not to forget when this happens!

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No matter how much you hate your work, it is still an important and essential part of life. We wish you all the best for you professional success.

Also, do let us know what things you could relate to from the article!