Driving can either be pleasurable or traumatic. There’s no midway about that. Driving in a metropolitan city where every other driver seems to have no sense of driving ethics? Well.. That is the plight of drivers in Lahore.

We can all agree on the fact that the traffic situation in Lahore is getting out of hands. Adding to that is the amazing driving skills people in the city possess. Here is a list of just a few things a sane driver is bound to face while driving in the city.

Because I love making lists. Also, because people need to learn to use a blinker.

1 – Slow Drivers In The Fast Lane

Okay, you want to drive safely? Understandable and commendable. However, can you please do that on the left or the middle land? In case you were unaware, the right lane is for fast drivers and for overtaking. I do condone rash driving, but driving a little faster will not hurt anyone.

If you want to drive at a speed of 20km/hour, please do so. But, in the left lane.

Repeat: left lane is for slow drivers. The right lane is the fast lane. 

2 – Slow Drivers Who Are On Their Phone

You are already driving at 20-30km/hour in the right lane. To add to that ordeal, you are on your phone!

Driving is supposed to be done with full concentration. How can you concentrate on the road when you are texting/snapchatting/talking on the phone. HOW!? Even with all the traffic police and regulations against using phones when driving? Seriously!?

3 – Commercial Racers

On the one hand, we have dreadfully slow drivers. On the other hand, we have people who think that the road is a race track. Reality check: It’s not!

It’s real life, not a fast and furious movie. And you, my friend, are not Vin Diesel. So pull your foot off of the accelerator and behave. Such unnecessary adventurous stunts will not help you gain a female following, and you are putting others in danger as well.

4 – Biker Boys

This category deserves an honorary mention. Driving at lightning fast speeds while standing on the bikes, or pulling off wheelies. Impressive!

  • They block your way.
  • They ram/damage your cars in an attempt to make way.
  • They have no rare view or side mirrors to use when driving (WHAT EVEN!?).
  • They decide to drive from the turn you wish to take (even when you had a blinker on).
  • They think the gaari wala is the culprit for any accident.

How biker boys are able to survive their everyday commutes is beyond me. Any driver would agree with the fact that the only horrific thing about driving in Lahore is the biker boys.

5 – Random Pedestrians With A Death Wish

You either cross the road, or you stand on the side. Why do you have to stand in the middle of the road and think about random things? Or whatever it is you are thinking.

Crossing roads can be overwhelming. I agree to that since I have trouble while crossing roads myself. But honestly, do you have a death wish? Why do you think crossing busy roads without looking left/right is a good idea?

Lahore even has pedestrians bridges to cross roads. Please use them.

6 – Extremely Aggressive Ambulance Drivers

A friend once told me that an ambulance was trying to make its way through traffic. In that attempt, the driver almost drove my friend off of the road. How ironic that would that have been?

We get it. A person’s life is in danger, and you’re trying your level best to save time. But please. They can’t jeopardize the lives of many in an attempt to save the life of one. They need to be mindful when driving.

7 – Mind Readers

Have you ever been in a situation where you are driving and the person ahead of you just, all of a sudden, randomly decides to slow down and take a turn? Well, these are the people who think other drivers are mind readers. They think others know well in advance where they wish to turn, so they deem the blinker unnecessary.

via cctvnews

There is a dire need for driving education in Pakistan. People seem to be lacking driving sense and road ethics, which is the cause of many accidents and just very unpleasant driving experience. Kindly, drive safely and try to make it less troublesome for other fellow drivers.

What are the things which you find annoying about driving? Do let us know. 

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