From Mc Dreamy’s affair, bombings, code blacks, drownings, plane crashes, sudden deaths to complicated relationships of Nathan or Jackson, Grey’s Anatomy has come a very long way. The American drama series created by Shonda Rhimes is more drama than it is a medical show. It started airing in 2005 and has its 14th season running in this month. Quite a feat, isn’t it? This is a testament to its overwhelming success.

There were a few moments in Grey’s Anatomy that fans loved and dreaded.

Let’s revive the 6 unforgettable moments from Grey’s Anatomy:

1 – Denny Duquette’s Death

grey's anatomy denny crying
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This was the first time most of us listened to the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, and it turned us all into a weeping, sobbing mess. His short-lived love story with Izzie Stevens was something extraordinary to watch.

The last few episodes from that season were nothing less than a roller coaster ride. We see how at the very last moment Dr Burke gets shot just as Izzie cuts Denny’s LVAD wire. The real shock comes when we look at Izzie dressed in a gorgeous pink dress while Denny takes his last breathes.

2 – Code black

code black in grey's anatomy
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This episode was again fast-paced and full of suspense. Meredith replacing the paramedic’s hand to hold the bazooka was the breaking point. The episode was thrilling and made us all bite our nails. The storyline was compelling and the bomb exploding was totally unexpected. As the episode was divided into two parts, the cliffhanger was amazing. The episode was exciting and full of suspense.

3 – George O’ Malley’s Death

Okay, wait. This was so unjust. Shonda Rhimes shouldn’t have done this. No, you can’t just kill off the cutest O’ Malley. The episode of Grey’s Anatomy came as a shocking surprise to many. He was compassionate, kind and the sweetest intern in the show. We will never forgive Rhimes for killing O’Malley.

4 – Shooter on the Loose

This has to be the most eventful episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Mr Clarke roams around the hospital shooting people like it was not a big deal. We see injured Alex alone in the elevator. The lockdown was the cherry on the top as it made the story even more exciting. The end of the episode with Meredith’s scream and Derek getting shot was mind-blowing.

5 – Plane Crash

Who can forget that horrifying plane crash that robbed us of our favourite characters?

We see the group of surgeons fighting to stay alive in the jungle where their plane crashes. We see main characters dying and the survivors struggling every moment. Shonda Rhimes also admitted that she did not like writing that finale at all.

6 – Mc Dreamy Dies

Last, but the most shocking, unexpected death. You can’t just kill off the hero, can you? The audience will never get over Derek’s death as it left a big hole in our hearts. We still see Meredith struggling and missing Derek ever so often. It’s heartbreaking. It’s cruel.

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